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Wants to Learn about PKMN Rmxp
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      Team nameBN
      Team Leader:Karel_Kazuki
      Current Members:Impo(storyboard),Jameska,WingedKuri(Spriters),Zadow(help)
      Current Game titleokemon Battle Network
      Current progress made:5 % of a long storyline
      Position(s) needed:Mappers, TileSet Artists,Eventers
      Timezone:Doesn't Matter
      Preferred Method of contactM me here or check the links in my signature.
      Additional info:
      We are working hard and need specific tiles for this game. THe spriters are working hard to make something happen and I'm writing the story right now.REALLY need someone to make some tiles for us.
    Yes,I am Karel Kazuki or Kareru.
    Im an all around guy who does everything,from play sports to trying to learn to design games.

    I am a university student, currently studying C# and looking for any practice pertaining to building my skills.I'm also a concept designer and storyline designer.

    contact me here or at [email protected].

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