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    Originally Posted by sab View Post
    Map Title: Rural pass
    Description: many events happen here, which is why the cave is blocked off at first, there is that one rock off to the side, and there are so many little loops. The flowers at the top of the map lead into a forest.
    Credits: JH, ozmas corp, kyledove, Jiggly, lu-ho, and me

    Rating: 8/10

    Reason: This map is chock full of great ideas. It looks very natural and is quite interesting. It has an excellent variety of trees and scenery too. However, I do still have some criticism. First off, the tile errors. There are plenty of areas where you could make the rock to grass transition flow better, and some of your tree shading is off. Overall though, this is great!

    Suggestions: Fix the rock to grass transition and the tree shading.

    Final Comments: This map seems to have great playability and looks like its quite fun!

    Ok now for my maps!

    Map names: Berry woods and Mountain trail (subject to change)

    Map descriptions: The berry woods is the main forest of the game and contains a sacred tree in the center, the right side of the river isn't complete yet, as it isn't accessible until much later in the game. Mountain Trail is the route leading from the home town in the mountains, into the next city in the valley.

    Credits: Me!


    Berry Woods:

    Mountain Trail:

    (Pictures are also attachments)
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