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Poetry FAQ

Written by Natsuki

Well, here's a bit of an edited version of the Poetry FAQ we all know and love. XD

Q: What is 'flow' and how do I know if my poem has it?
Well, when people say "Your poem's flow should be fixed", they are saying that when you read the poem, it sounds disfigured and choppy. Almost as though it isn't finished. To be exact, 'flow' is just how smoothly your poem fits with itself when you read it. If your poem has several different things going on at once, but you don't have transitions there help guide the poem along, your poem is considered to have no flow.

Q: Does my poem have to rhyme?
Most certainly not. A poem is anything that comes from the heart. Rhyming is never a component to writing that is absolutely necessary. Some prefer to rhyme, while others use good word choices to make their poems have a greater impact on the reader.

Q: Is there a length limit to poems?
Your poem and/or song write can be of any length or format. Some people prefer the short-and-sweet approach, where their poems are about one stanza long, yet the poem still gets it's meaning out clearly. Others make incredibly long poems which have greater impacts on the reader in most cases, but this does not mean a longer poem is a better one. You can always revise and revise your poems to make them better.

Q: What do I do about punctuation?
When someone reviews your poems, they might say that you need a period here or a comma there. In case they don't really specify what they mean, here's what they're talking about. ^.~

Now, when writing a poem, punctuation is a large factor of good poem etiquette. You need to have some form of punctuation at the end of each and every line. Here's an example:


I saw in the forest, a demon take flight,
Pounding its wings with all of its might.
The demon, it soared, just overhead,
Rather than running, I gazed instead.

I could hear its heart, steady and strong,
Helping it forth as its wings pulled it along.
The demon was old, yet he didn't know,
For the world is changing, to and fro.

As I gazed upon the beautiful sight,
Seeing this monster take its last flight.
I thought to myself, how could this be,
That this monster had come to me?

With one last plunge, the demon fell,
Diving into the very depths of Hell.
As I gazed upon this demon's flight,
I thought to myself, what a beautiful sight.

Notice the commas and periods at the end of each line. This not only shows proper usage of grammar but it also increases the flow's quality as well as the overall appearance of the poem.


Well, there's some information for you. If you have anything else to suggest, PM it to bobandbill or Astinus! Well, keep writing those awesome poems everyone! ;D

~By Kelsey