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    Pokemon Circle

    Engine: Rpg Maker 2003
    Genre: RPG
    Region: Custom region known as Atlya
    Pokémon: YOU voted... YOU decided... Now here's the list:


    Hello everyone. My name is 00Vampire and some of you may know me from my previous game, Pokémon Asphar - a game which eventually became too complicated for me to continue. It's only been 9 months since that happened, yet I feel I'm ready to try again.
    At first glance, Pokémon Circle may appear to be the same game as Asphar - and it effectively is. All I've really done is renamed everything, remade the graphics and changed all the systems around a little bit, while removing some of the more-complicated, less-integral features. And other small things

    * * * * *
    Here's a general summary:
    It all started on a stormy day six years ago...
    Alex didn't like travelling. He hated travelling by boat even more. And he definately hated being away from his family. He missed his wife and ten-year-old son terribly, but was comforted by the promise of seeing them in just a few weeks time.
    Unfortunately, Alex never arrived home that winter.

    Present day...
    It is the day our young hero turns 16. As he is now of age, he decides to leave home and travel the Atlya region with his Pokémon.
    However, just before he leaves, our hero recieves a letter. A letter from his father, Alex.

    Our hero's world is turned upside-down as he sets out to save his dad - but are the clues leading him towards his father's mysterious past, an evil organisation aiming to destroy the world... or something even more sinister?

    And here I'm going to constantly update a detailed account of the Prologue, which in the game only skims through some of the most important events in Alex's life.

    22 Years Ago
    Today was a good day. No, today was a fanastic day. Today would be the best day ever - or at least for Alex. You see, Alex would be starting his Pokemon Adventure, something he had looked forward to ever since he understood what it was.
    Alex was fifteen, which meant he was starting his journey a few years later than some. But he didn't mind. He felt it gave him an advantage - being more mature and having saved up a bit of money from doing odd-jobs around town. And while he had never had his own Pokemon before, he had spent many years growing, working and playing with his parent's Pokemon.
    Today was made even more special by the fact that he had been chosen my Professor Oak to recieve a 'Starter' Pokemon. These rare Pokemon were only given to a select few beginner trainers - those Professor Oak felt had lots of potential.
    Alex knew which one he wanted. He had known even before he had gotten the message from the Professor. Charmander. The best fire Pokemon in the world - in his opinion anyway. Maybe he was a little biased though. He did afterall grow up in the shadow of his mother's Charizard. He had flown all the way to Pewter City and back, holding onto it's warm, sorf body. He had watched in awe as it gracefully demolished it's opposition in the rare few battles he had seen. He even had distant recollections of a playing with a Charmeleon when he was a toddler.
    But now was not the time for delving into memories. It was time for Alex to acquire his very own Pokemon, and set out on his Pokemon Adventure...

    * * * * *
    • No Levels / No Visible Exp / Danger Bar / Aura Scan
    There are no visible levels and no visible Exp in Circle. However, the Pokédex has a function to scan the surrounding area (at the push of a button) and gauge roughly how strong any wild Pokémon/Trainers are. This is shown by faint glows called Auras.
    • Move Improve / Move Selection
    The more any technique is used, the better the Pokémon becomes at performing it, and the stronger that move becomes (Up to a specified maximum of course).Also, each Pokémon can learn many different moves which they don't have to forget. At any point outside of battle, a player can access a Pokémon's Skills Screen and choose out of all that Pokémon's learnt techniques, which 4 he wants to set for battle. This allows for lots of strategic customisation on the player's part.
    • Fatigue
    Moves no longer have PP, instead the stronger the move, the more fatigued your Pokémon gets. When the fatigue Bar reaches full, your Pokémon has to rest for a turn or two.
    • Healing / Injuries & Infections
    Healing is no longer instantaneous, and most of the time requires you to leave your Pokémon at a Center for a while. Although normal HP recovery may not take very long, Pokémon can contract injuries and infections which could put them out of action for some time. For instance, a Pidgey with a broken wing may take 5x as long to heal as a Pikachu with a cold.
    • Training
    Across the region of Atlya, there are 8 different Dojos where you can leave a number of your Pokémon to train. You can set a Pokémon to train up any of it's stats or moves. It takes time and money, but is a great way of making your Pokémon stronger. Think of it like a more specific, advanced Daycare.
    • Gym Battles
    In Atlya, while Gym Leaders may prefer certain types, they aren't obliged to use only Pokémon of said type. Instead, most Gyms have different restrictions on the battles to make them more challenging. For example, one of the restrictions in Merrilea Gym is that you can't use more than one Pokémon of the same type.
    • Rejection / Item Rule
    You now have the option to refuse most Trainer Battles. Also, during official matches, no items are allowed to be used.
    • Tournament / 12 Gyms / Become a Gym Leader
    There is no Elite Four in Atlya, instead the Pokémon League is an annual tournament. Also, despite there being 12 Gyms, collecting only 8 of them will still allow yourself to be entered into the Qualifying Rounds. Those strong enough to earn all 12 automatically qualify for the next round. Through a storyline event you can temporarily look after someone's Gym, and eventually own your own by the end of the game.
    • No HMs / Surfing / Flying
    Just like the point says - No HMs. Because of this, Surf and Fly are not counted as techniques and can be used at any time in the overworld, just as long as the Pokémon is strong enough to support you. And like many other things in Circle, flying is also not instantaneous, and Pokémon may need time to rest after travelling long distances.
    • Free-Roam / Time Factor
    Go to any town, in any order. Battle any Gym Leader, in any order. You can even fly to Towns/Cities you haven't yet visited. And since you can go anywhere at anytime, Trainers get progressively stronger over time, instead of over distance. Each trainer has his/her own 'Growth Rate'. Gym Leaders are included, but start off a lot stronger. (May take quite a while in the game before you're ready to take on any Gyms).
    • Evolution / Attacks / Money
    There are many different ways to evolve your Pokémon, however most are a lot harder than just increasing their stats. In the same spirit, there are also various ways to learn new techniques, and likewise harder than just 'levelling up' (If such a thing existed in this game). And to bring even more variety, theres loads of things you can do with any money you save up; you can buy clothes, accessories, properties, Pokémon, and even Apps for your Laptop (See 'Laptop' section).
    • Full Mouse Support
    Simply put, you can use the mouse.

    * * * * *

    The Laptop is Pokémon Circle's Pokégear/Pokénav/etc. With built-in wireless internet, and a long battery life, it can be used for many different things. Each section of the Laptop is split into it's own application, which can be bought for in-game money via the App Store.
    • App Store
    This is where you can spend your hard earned money to download different useful applications for your Laptop.
    • Pokémon Trade Market
    Effectively Ebay for Pokémon, this application lets you buy and sell Pokémon with people throughout the region.
    • Pokémon Tracker
    Let's you easily keep track of Pokémon you've left at Centers and Dojos around Atlya
    • PokéTunes
    Allows you to listen to different types of music at your leisure.
    • Atlya News Network
    Lets you easily keep track of Pokémon you've left at Centers and Dojos around Atlya.
    • Oak's Sightings
    Professor Oak keeps you updated on locations of rare Pokémon.
    • Trainer Update
    Keeps you informed of all the latest info on the Pokémon League, the Gym Leaders, and up-and-coming trainers.
    • Property Ladder
    An application which lets you quickly and easily buy/sell and manage your properties.
    • Email
    Stay in touch with all your friends and family.

    * * * * *

    Battle System

    [ Please ignore the fact that Bulbasaur was able to be poisoned. That has since been fixed. ]

    Game Corner

    You can download this mini-game below...



    More screenies soon...

    * * * * *
    Other Stuff
    The Region Of Atlya


    You can download the Pokemon Egg Attack Mini-game here:

    Thanks to DarkerArceus for fixing it.

    How To Play: Crack the eggs open before they disappear, by holding the mouse down on them with the correct cursor selected. For instance, to hatch a Green (Grass) Egg, use the Fire Cursor - which you'd use by clicking on the picture of Growlithe. Also, Thunder beats the Blue Eggs, Raindrop beats the Red Eggs and Bone beats the Yellow Eggs.

    Let me know what you score.


    How many Pokemon are there going to be in the game?
    See the Pokepolls above.

    How will you handle evolution of Pokemon that usually require trading, and other Pokemon in general?
    They'll evolve through different means, depending on the Pokemon itself. Every Pokemon in the game will have a lot of hidden values attached to them that all come to together to determine whether it's ready to evolve or not. Some of these values are linked to things like the Pokemon's stats, it's mood, it's bond with the trainer, it's personality, or whether it even wants to evolve. Other values are linked to such things like how many battles it has taken part in, how old it is, how many times has it been injured/sick, how much it has trained at a dojo, etc etc etc. Depending on the species of Pokemon, more values will be more important than others.

    Please feel free to ask any questions about the game in this thread - not only do I enjoy answering them but I also find them useful in helping me think about different aspects of the game I may not have thought about yet. If they're good questions I'll stick them here.


    NikNaks for creating the beautiful map of the region for me back when this was still Pokémon Asphar.

    DForte for his help on constructing the move lists.

    I don't think there's much else to say at the moment. Thank you for taking the time to read this (although if you're anything like me, then you probably looked at the screenshots and skipped through the rest ).
    Until next time. Bye.

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