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    Originally Posted by PiKasnAp View Post
    what do i need to play Pokemon Identity?
    You need the following 3 things-

    1. An emulator. (Since this is a hack of a GBA game I recommend VBA- (by the way, that's VisualBoyAdvance if you don't know), but you can always pick something else)
    2. A clean FireRed rom. (Specifically the English rom. If you want to get even more specific, use the file name that is given in the first post. I ain't giving anything out because linking to roms is not allowed, obviously.)
    3. An IPS patcher. (I recommend Lunar IPS, but again, you can always pick something else.)

    Download the IPS patch, use the patcher to patch it to a copy of the rom, rename the rom to (preferably) the title of this hack, and bingo, you've got yourself a demo of Pokemon Identity. I hope that was helpful.
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