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    Originally Posted by timson733333 View Post
    Alright, it works now. Thanks.

    *Edit: When I try to change a cry in Emerald (Bulbasaur -> Snivy), the sound doesn't play. Why?
    Originally Posted by Craver View Post

    Look what happened in my PC.
    I don't know what is but if you can say me, Shiny Quagsire I would apreciate to you!
    Hmmmm... Try cleaning up some of the inside work files. Delete GBA WAV converter from the A-Cry folder, and go to your C drive and delete both temp.wav and temp.bin. If one of those doesn't exist, tell me.

    Originally Posted by atif View Post
    Whenever I use a gen 5 cry, and I convert it, it says that I need to convert it. HELP.
    What did you use to convert it? I use r8brain, which is a lovely and free tool.

    As for the emerald problems, I'll try and fix those. I'm not entirely sure why it does that, but I'll look into it.

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