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Meanwhile, I will give some haikus an on-the-spot try on Eevee myself...kinda. =p Random idea I had. Hopefully the late hour did not affect my syllable-counting skills. XD

Pfft amused Meerfall had a similar idea to mention its evolutions. XD But I suppose it is a very notable feature of Eevee.


Decisions to make.
Unsure which is best for him,
My little Eevee.

Seven paths to choose.
Seven ways to make him strong,
Helpful, and useful.

Maybe this booklet,
On what type to consider,
Shall help me decide.

The way of water?
The ability to swim,
Would be rather neat.

But... we'd need a pool.
And truth be told those blue fins,
Look quite weird to me.

He could zap his opponents,
And dash very fast.

But... if he is hugged,
Is surprised, and shocks someone?
That would be quite lame.

Fire is good for fights!
He could also keep us warm,
During camping trips.

But... flames are not safe,
And I would hate for the tent,
Be ashes instead.

Grass is a nice type.
He would enjoy the garden,
And the forest too.

But... when winter comes,
He would find it rather dull,
And that would not do.

Speaking of winter,
That season is made for Ice,
And we'd have snow fights!

But... the downside is,
Summer would be the time he'd hate!
He would be too hot.

Psychic has its pros...
He could tell me other's thoughts
And trick people too.

But... the sad thing is,
He could read all my thoughts too.
I like privacy.

Dark is pretty cool.
He would make Hide and Seek fun,
And make nighttime safe.

But... what if he would,
Become withdrawn, reclusive?
No, I would hate that.

Too many decisions.
All have pros but also cons.
This could take a while.

Maybe I will just wait.
Let him decide when the time,
Is right for him alone.

He should know what's best.
But always to me, he is,
My little Eevee.
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