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Originally Posted by Poke_M0 View Post
I found a Bug When you enter the Lowen Police Headquarter building or whatever its called Go to the girl in the counter at left side then open your bag and close it after that you'll find yourself controlling the girl instead your own character..Proof:

Another Bug when you open your bag then closed it at this part of building you will become a ghost or invisible and some messed up OW sprite:

How come i can walk on water xD

And this one..when i try to talk this guy my VBA just hangs but the music still plays i don't know if i'm the only one who encountered it..The guys showed up after my second gym battle:

Other than that Great Hack and Looking forward to your next beta! I found some tile errors too but too lazy to post em..
Thanks, I've sorted them all out on the ROM I'm working on right now. The random guy after the second Gym is suppossed to give you an indication of where to go next (Frickle Forest) but for some reason he didn't hide on your game (But can you tell me if he activated?).

It would have been nice if you posted the tile errors, but thanks for bringing these problems to my attention :3
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