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    I know I don't have to say it since it's you, but Accepted!

    my own su

    Name: Lysander Chase
    Gender: Male
    Age: 15
    Role: TRAITOR

    Hometown: Eterna City, Sinnoh

    History: Lysander's elementary school life was a nightmare to him. His kind, pure nature made himself the target for school bullies. Fortunately things started to get better when he went into Jubilife High School. Four years of bullying created a psychological shadow, thus making him less cheerful than before. He still likes helping people, but he tells himself that he shouldn't, or people will take advantage of him - what he learned a few years ago. His scar on his right arm reminds him that. But still, he has a kind heart, and can't resist helping others...sometimes.

    Personality: Lysander was really helpful in the past. And was called one of the friendliest students in elementary school. That changed when he was at 6th grade though, the bullies told him that being nice would only bring trouble to himself, and Lysander listened to them. Lysander now, will only answer people when he is in a good mood. He isn't half as cheerful as he used to be. Instead of being talkative and
    sunny, he is now the silent,strong type. But sometimes when he's in a good mood, he'll help people, but in a mysterious way. One day, his classmate sitting next to him needed money real bad to buy something urgent, and Lysander pushed some cash into his hands, without anyone else knowing about it.

    But he also likes to be the leader of a team. He likes to command, and wants people to listen to him. As a leader, he goes where he thinks is right, and it's normally right, too. When he isn't commanding people to do things, he seldom talks.

    Looks: He wears black sports shoes trousers, a grey t-shirt, and a blue and white jacket. Slightly tanned. His scar on his right arm is visable if he is wearing short-sleeves in the summer. He has auqa-blue eyes and short brown hair, which is a little curly. As for a hat, he doesn't like wearing one. He has knee-pads and elbow-pads ready for a rough bicycle ride though.

    Lysander likes - A good summer day where he can relax on the beach
    Lysander dislikes - Bullies

    Starting Pokemon - Scyther
    Nickname - Scythy
    Gender - Male
    Scyther Likes - To fight in close range
    Dislikes - Ranged battles, fleeing
    Moves - X-Scissor, Aerial Ace, Night Slash, Brick Break

    The most Caring Girlfriend/Pair Ever

    PC Brothers:
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    PC Sisters:
    Marina E. silver

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