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Since I always like to browse art here I may as well post.

What do you like to come to G&P for?

I like to come simply to browse at the good quality art here :33 And that is all really, I'm to shy to comment because I am not an artist so I don't think my comments would really mean anything, like coming from someone who can't do digital art if my life depended on it XD

What would you like to see more of here?
More shops really. From other forum experience, it is the art sections that have lots of shops that are active, and the art sections that only have galleries are inactive.

Are you a graphic artist or do graphics yourself?
Hell no :< I would absolutely love to be though ;_____;;; I love digital art but I just can't seem to work it. It is far too complicated for me. I am a book work kind of guy.

Do you ever enter the competitions which G&P host in the Competitions sub-forum?
No. That would be a little embarrassing XD

If so, why/why not?
I can't make graphics.

Do you think that Shop's are becoming a thing of the past?
YesMis read, no I don't think so. More shops = more activity.

If yes, why so?

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