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Pokémon Black and White FAQ

From the new battling system to version exclusives and more, this portion of the FAQ will cover a handful of the information included within Black and White. With more than a handful of information provided, our Section Index is here to help you find what you're looking for even faster. You may also want to try the Control+Find (Ctrl + F for Windows) to find the specific details you are in search of, if covered here thus far.

The Battle System

Like every new generation, Black and White has taken the opportunity to upgrade the previous battling system with a few changes. While the basics are still the same, there are some details worth acknowledging.

What has changed about battle animation?
Unlike previous generations, during battle you will find your Pokémon's sprite and battle grounds are no longer in a static position. Instead, everything is in motion. The front and back sprite of your Pokémon continuously move, and depending on the battle scenario, the movement of your Pokémon may alter. Other than sprite animations, the camera is always alternating its movement to fit each attack.

What are triple battles?
Continuing from the Double Battle system that was first introduced in Ruby and Sapphire, Black and White has brought to you, Triple Battles! This requires you to use half of your team (3 on 3 matches) against your opponent. With triple battles, new battling mechanics have been implemented to enhance your battling experience.

It should be noted that triple battles are primarily found in Pokémon White.

How does one target another Pokémon in triple battles?
Targeting another Pokémon in triple battles depend solely on your position on the field. The Pokémon in the middle has the ability to attack all Pokémon. Those located on the sides can only attack the Pokémon directly on their opposite or the foe's centered Pokémon.

Can I rotate my Pokémon during a triple battle? How can I use this as an advantage?
This is where things get spiced up! You have the option to rotate your sideline Pokémon with the Pokémon positioned in the middle. However, this will take up one of your turns and leave you vulnerable to attacks. You can however use your rotation to an advantage. If the Pokémon in the center were to inflict damage to all three Pokémon on your opponent's side, it will cause more damage compared to a Pokémon attacking from the side.

What are Rotation Battles?
Next to triple battles are Rotation Battles. These battles are set out just like triple battles, but the stage itself rotates. While three Pokémon are still sent out on the field, unlike a triple battle, only one Pokémon is up front to attack while the others are pushed back. However, you are enabled to turn your stage clockwise and counterclockwise to swap your frontal Pokémon.

Does swapping my Pokémon in a rotation battle affect a turn?
No, rotating your Pokémon does not use up a turn of yours compared to a triple battle. In addition, you have the ability to attack immediately after you rotate to your new main Pokémon. It appears the rotation is the first action that takes place in battle, so speed is calculated after the rotation.

What is the Wonder Launcher?
Remember during multiplayer battles, the option to use items was disabled? With the Wonder Launcher enabled, you and your opponent have the opportunity to use items during battle. There is a slight catch though. For a fair match, items must be earned throughout battle. During your own turn, you will receive a single that earns you points. You can use these points to to purchase the use of an item - this will take up one of your turns. These items range from those such as Revive, Ether, X Attack as well as other items that can activate items and abilities before their time.

New attacks, updated attacks, and combination attacks

How many new moves have been introduced?
Black and White has introduced 92 new moves in total. For more detail on each new move from their Type, Category, Power Points, Base Power, description and more, you can check this site location here.

What do you mean, "Updated Attacks?"
Updated attacks are moves that were first brought in from previous generations and have been slightly improved or changed. Whether it be their Base Power or Accuracy, you may find a complete list of updated attacks here.

I heard Black and White have Combination Attacks. What are those?
Combination attacks are performed by using two individual moves with two of your Pokémon during double battles and triple battles. In addition to the combined moves, they also have an added effect. These effects may vary from status afflictions to doing damage to the Pokémon.

What are the most current known combination attacks?
Grass Oath + Fire Oath
Effect: During a Double or Triple battle, this move combines and surrounds your foe with a field of fire that causes damage to your opponents each round.

Fire Oath + Water Oath
Effect: These moves combine and creates a rainbow across the field. The combination increases the chance of a secondary effect to occur when your Pokémon uses an attack.

Water Oath + Grass Oath
Effect:These two moves combine to create a swampy/misty shroud in the field that reduces the speed of your opponent's Pokémon.

TMs and HMs

We suggest you use Control+Find (Ctrl + F for Windows) to search for the TM you are looking for. Simply press Control + Find, type in the either "TM(number here)" or the name of the TM and it will bring you to what you are looking for with its respective location. You may also do this for HMs and items if need be.

I heard TMs are now reusable. Is that true?
Yes, TMs are no longer discarded once used. With the pro of having Reusable TMs, there is a slight catch. You can obtain TMs and use them repeatedly with no extra cost; however that being said, there are only one of each TMs throughout the whole game, which makes your search for all of them within the region more difficult and the price of purchasing TMs even higher.

Has anything changed with HMs this generation?
There is a minor change in HMs. One being there are no longer eight HMs like previous games; there is only a total of six. Secondly, there are a few older HMs from past generations that are now TMs.

List of TMs and locations

TM01: Hones Claw - Freezer Container (Gift from Sage)
TM02: Dragon Claw - Victory Road
TM03: Psycho Shock - Giant Chasm
TM04: Calm Mind - Relic Castle (Gift from Sage)
TM05: Roar - Route 10
TM06: Toxic - Route 17
TM07: Hail - Mistralton City Pokémart (50,000)
TM08: Bulk Up - Route 14 (Gift from Sage)
TM09: Venom Shock - Route 15 (Gift)
TM10: Hidden Power - Nuvema Town (See Prof. Juniper after spotting 100 Pokémon)
TM11: Sunny Day - Mistralton City Pokémart (50,000)
TM12: Taunt - Victory Road
TM13: Ice Beam - Giant Chasm
TM14: Blizzard - Icirrus City Pokémart (70,000)
TM15: Hyper Beam - Route 9 @ Department Store (90,000)
TM16: Light Screen - Nimbasa City Pokémart (30,000)
TM17: Protect - Nuvema Town (See Prof. Juniper after spotting 60 Pokémon)
TM18: Rain Dance - Mistralton City Pokémart (50,000)
TM19: Telekinesis - Route 18
TM20: Safeguard - Nimbasa City Pokémart(30,000)
TM21: Fustration - Nimbasa City Pokémart (10,000)
TM22: Solarbeam - Pinwheel Forest
TM23: Knock Down - Battle Subway (36BP)
TM24: Thunderbolt - P2 Laboratory
TM25: Thunder - Icirrus City (70,000)
TM26: Earthquake - Relic Castle
TM27: Return - Nimbasa City (10,000)
TM28: Dig - Route 4
TM29: Psychic - Route 13
TM30: Shadow Ball - Relic Castle
TM31: Brick Break - Icirrus City Pokémart
TM32: Double Team - Route 18 (Gift from Sage)
TM33: Reflect - Nimbasa City Pokémart (30,000)
TM34: Sludge Wave - Battle Subway (48BP)
TM35: Flamethrower - Abundant Shrine
TM36: Sludge Bomb - Route 8
TM37: Sandstorm - Mistralton City Pokémart (50,000)
TM38: Fire Blast - Icirrus City Pokémart (70,000)
TM39: Rock Tomb - Desort Resort
TM40: Aerial Ace - Mistralton City Runway
TM41: Torment - Route 4
TM42: Facade - Route 8
TM43: Flame Charge - Tubeline Bridge
TM44: Rest - Castelia City (11th floor of building)
TM45: Attract - Castelia City Party
TM46: Thief - Wellspring Cave
TM47: Ankle Sweep - Wellspring Cave
TM48: Round - Battle Subway (36BP)
TM49: Echo Voice - Nimbasa City Musical Hall
TM50: Overheat - Route 11
TM51: Side Change - Battle Subway (48BP)
TM52: Focus Blast - Wellspring Cave
TM53: Energy Ball - Route 12
TM54: False Swipe - Nuvema Town (See Prof. Juniper after spotting 30 Pokémon)
TM55: Scald - Freezer Container
TM56: Fling - Tubeline Bridge
TM57: Charge Beam - Route 7
TM58: Sky Drop - Mistralton City Pokémart
TM59: Incinerate - Battle Subway (48BP)
TM60: Postpone - Battle Subway (48BP)
TM61: Will-o-Wisp - Celestial Tower
TM62: Acrobatics - Mistralton City Gym
TM63: Embargo - Dragonspiral Tower
TM64: Explosion - Battle Subway (48BP)
TM65: Shadow Claw - Celestial Tower
TM66: Payback - Route 16
TM67: Retaliate - Nacrene City Gym
TM68: Giga Impact - Route 9 Department Store (90,000)
TM69: Rock Polish - Chargestone Cave (Gift from Sage)
TM70: Flash - Castelia City Alleyway
TM71: Stone Edge - Challenger's Cave
TM72: Volt Change - Nimbasa City Gym
TM73: Thunder Wave - Nimbasa City Pokémart (10,000)
TM74: Gyroball - Nimbasa City Pokémart (10,000)
TM75: Swords Dance - Dreamyard (Gift from Sage)
TM76: Struggle Bug - Castelia City Gym
TM77: Psych Up - Battle Subway (48BP)
TM78: Level Ground - Driftveil City Gym
TM79: Ice Breath - Icirrus City Gym
TM80: Rock Slide - Mistralton Cave
TM81: X-scissor - Route 7
TM82: Dragon Tail - Opelucid City Gym
TM83: Work up - Striaton City Gym
TM84: Poison Jab - Route 6
TM85: Dream Eater - Dreamyard
TM86: Grass Knot - Pinwheel Forest
TM87: Swagger - Battle Subway (36BP)
TM88: Pluck - Battle Subway (36BP)
TM89: U-turn - Route 13 (Deliver all three good to Wingull)
TM90: Substitute - Twist Mountain (Winter-only)
TM91: Flash Cannon - Twist Mountain
TM92: Trick Room - Abundant Shrine
TM93: Wild Charge - Victory Road
TM94: Rock Smash - Pinwheel Forest
TM95: Bark Out - Castelia City (Give Mr. Lock the Lock Capsule)

List of HMs and locations

HM01: Cut - Striaton City (from Fennel)
HM02: Fly - Driftveil City (from Bianca)
HM03: Surf - Twist Mountain (from Alder)
HM04: Strength - Nimbasa City (Top Left Building)
HM05: Waterfall - Route 18
HM06: Dive - Undella Town

New Items Index

Click on the item's image for its purpose and location details.


Aqua Cassette
Lightning Cassette
Blaze Cassette
Freeze Cassette


Fire Jewel
Water Jewel
Electric Jewel
Grass Jewel
Ice Jewel
Fight Jewel
Poison Jewel
Earth Jewel
Flight Jewel
Psychic Jewel
Bug Jewel
Rock Jewel
Ghost Jewel
Dragon Jewel
Dark Jewel
Steel Jewel
Normal Jewel


Strength Wing
Power Wing
Resistance Wing
Wisdom Wing
Mind Wing
Instant Wing
Beautiful Wing


Bronze Coin
Silver Coin
Gold Coin


Clean Scale
Evolution Stone

Battle Items

Pumice Stone
Rocky Helmet
Red Card
Bull's Eye
Pressure Band
Rechargeable Battery
Escape Button


Lid Fossil
Wing Fossil

Important Items

Light Stone
Dark Stone
God Stone
Delivered Goods 1
Delivered Goods 2
Delivered Goods 3


Liberty Pass
Deru Ball
Dream Ball
Goods Case
Dragon Bone
Fragrant Mushroom
Huge Gold Ball
Round Pearl
Comet Piece

New Evolution Methods

What is the new style of trading for evolutions?
There are a couple of different methods to follow in order to evolve your Pokémon for those that evolve through an item or trade. There are also specific Pokémon that you must trade with in order for your Pokémon to evolve through trade.

Which Pokémon evolve through trades with other specific Pokémon?
Karrablast → Escavalier (Trade With Shelmet)
Shelmet → Accelgor (Trade with Karrablast)

How is it possible to evolve Feebas without a way to max out its beauty?
Without there being a way to max out the beauty stat of a Feebas, a new item has been introduced called the Prism Scale as an alternative. This item must be attached to Feebas during a trade, and it shall evolve afterward.

What are the specific locations for Pokémon that need a certain area to evolve?
For Pokémon who evolve with items that are no longer available in this generation, there are now alternative ways to do so.

Eevee → Leafeon [Level Up with Moss Rock in Pinwheel Forest]
Eevee → Glaceon [Level Up with Icy Rock in the basement of Twist Mountain]
Magneton → Magnezone [Level Up in Chargestone Cave]
Nosepass → Probopass [Level Up in Chargestone Cave]

New Breeding Mechanics

With just a few enhancements, the method for breeding has remained the same from previous generations to now. Breeding for natures and perfect IVs remain unchanged.

Where is the Daycare Center?
The Daycare Center is found right after Striaton City on Route 3. Being found that early in the game, you will only be able to put one Pokémon in the Daycare at a time. When you get a little further in the game and reach Nimbasa City, you will be able to place the normal amount of two. The usual old man will tell you how your Pokémon are interacting and when there may be an egg.

How do Dream World Abilities help me breed for the right natures and egg moves?
There is a certain way to get Dream World abilities to begin with. This works by getting the ability through chances by gender, and it will not work through the usual breeding. If the female Pokémon has a Dream World ability, the offspring has a high chance of gaining an ability it is able to obtain. However if you are breeding a female Pokémon with a Ditto, the ability will not pass on. A male Pokémon may have a Dream World Ability but if the female does not, it shall not work that way either. When the offspring gets a Dream World ability, you will be able to continue breeding to receive the correct nature you need, as well as egg moves for your team.

New Capturing Mechanics

The method used for catching Pokémon is still being used for this generation, and there are no new Pokéballs available with a different effect for the capturing method. However, two new features (the Critical Capture and Double Battle method) have been introduced and has made affects on the capturing mechanics.

How does the Critical Capture method work?
The Critical Capture feature has a very slight chance of occurring during a battle, but when it does, there is a rare case of the method failing. The feature works when you throw a Pokéball and it pauses midair, making a metal-like sound. The Pokéball will shake only once and the Pokémon will be caught. The chances of having a Critical Capture during a battle has yet to be calculated.

How do Wild Double Battles affect the capturing method?
There are certain places to engage in wild double battles for this generation. Like in Gen IV, Black and White has brought several areas for you to encounter them in the wild. You can find the wild double battles in darker grass areas with levels a tad higher than the usual. To capture Pokémon in a double battle, you must defeat one of the two first. Once one of them is down, you can then throw a Pokéball at the remaining one, which would most likely be the one you want to capture.

Version Exclusives

I can't decide on what game to get, what are the version exclusives?

Black Exclusives

White Exclusives

What are the differences between Black City and White Forest?
Black City, found only in Black after you've completed the main storyline contains many tall buildings, as well as rare items and trainers that can only be battled exclusively to Black. Whereas White Forest is found only in White after you've completed the main storyline and contains large trees as well as rare Pokemon and rare items that cannot be found in Black.

Which Pokémon are exclusive to White Forest?
There are 32 Pokémon that can only be found in the White Forest. They are:

Happiny, Trapinch, Aron, Magnemite, Starly, Slakoth, Bagon, Nidoran♂, Nidoran♀, Hoppip, Oddish, Pidgey, Magby, Lotad, Machop, Gastly, Budew, Ryhorn, Shinx, Mareep, Porygon, Wurmple, Abra, Azurill, Elekid, Togepi, Seedot, Bellsprout, Ralts, Whismur, Corphish, Lotad, Surskit and Wooper.

Are there other differences between cities and towns in these two games?
There are other area differences between the two games. In Black, Opelucid City looks technologically advanced and contains the Gym Leader Drayden, an older man, compared to Iris, the gym leader in White, who is a younger girl and lives in the same city except it looks more natural in White. Another city that changes is Mistralton City - where there are greenhouses in Black, while in White there is just ground which shows that plants have been growing there.

I heard there were certain battles that are exclusive to Black and White. What are they?
In terms of battles, one game has more rotational battles and the other game has triple battles. In White, there are more triple battles than rotational battles, whereas in Black, there are more rotational battles. Each game only has 4 of a certain battle and 1 of the other.

In-Game Trades & Gift Pokémon

Where can I find all the In-Game trades?
Down below is a list of all the trainers, their location, and the Pokémon they will give you in return for their request.

Nacrene City → Petilil & Cottonee
Pokémon Black: Trade over a Cottonee for Petilil
Pokémon White: Trade over a Petilil for Cottonee

Driftveil City → Minccino & Basculin
Pokémon Black: Trade over a Minccino for Basculin (Red-stripe form)
Pokémon White: Trade over a Minccino for Basculin (Blue-stripe form)

Route 7 → Emolga & Boldore
Pokémon Black and White: Trade over a Boldore for Emolga

Route 15 → Ditto & Rotom
Pokémon Black and White: Trade over a Ditto for Rotom

Undella Town → Munchlax & Cinccino
Pokémon Black and White: Trade over a Cinccino for Munchlax (During the Summer only)

What are all the Gift Pokémon I can receive?
As done in previous gens, throughout your journey you can receive gift Pokémon from various characters. There are 12 Pokémon you can receive as gifts in total.

Location: Dreamyard
Method: When you first enter the Dreamyard, there will be a lady who offers you one of the three monkeys. Unfortunately you are not able to choose the one for yourself, and it all depends on the starter you've chosen in the beginning. The monkey that is weaker than your starter's type will be the one you receive, so if you choose Oshawott as your starter, Pansear would be the monkey she will give to you. The monkey you receive will be at LV 10 and can be a big help for the first Gym Leader.

Location: Castelia City
Method: The next gift you can receive is Zorua. In order to obtain Zorua, you must have the Celebi event transferred over to your B/W copy. You can do so by using the Transfer Machine. After the transferring process, go to one of the buildings in Castelia City where a girl is standing by a girl whom seems lost. The Celebi (that should be placed in your team party) will then come out with the result of having the little girl's illusion form back to a Zorua. Before it joins your team, you must have an empty slot available in your party and a Pokéball to catch it with. There is not a specific Pokéball it must have in order to be caught in.

Location: Relic Castle - Nacrene City
Method: Tirtouga (Ancient Turtle) and Archen (Oldest Bird Pokémon) are the two new fossil Pokémon introduced in Black and White. You will receive one of the two fossils in Relic Castle of your choice. There is the Lid Fossil containing Tirtouga, and the Plume Fossil which contains Archen. Like in all other previous gens, you must take the fossil to the museum in Nacrene City and one of the clerks shall bring the fossil to life. The one you have chosen will be revived at LV 25.

Location: Route 18
Method: Located on Route 18, there will be a small house where your next gift Pokémon can be obtained at. When you enter the house, there will be a man in a red suit offering you a Pokémon Egg. If you choose to take the egg, it will hatch into a LV 1 Larvesta.

Location: Marvelous Bridge
Method: The gift for Magikarp is similar in style of purchasing a Magikarp on Route 3 in the Kanto region. On Marvelous Bridge, a guy will offer to sell you his Magikarp for 500 at LV 5. Nothing is special about this Magikarp however, but it's the only one that is obtainable in the Unova region.

Location: Twist Mountain
Method: All fossils (Old Amber, Helix, Dome, Root, Claw, Skull and Armor Fossil) of the Sinnoh, Hoenn and Kanto region can be obtained for this generation. In the Twist Mountain cave, a man will give you one of the fossils each day after you have received the National Pokédex. You will receive any fossil at random, so you might end up getting the same one multiple times, and the supply is unlimited. You can revive the fossils at the museum in Nacrene City.

Seasonal Changes

How does the seasonal cycle work?
Unlike the Day and Night system, the seasons are not based upon or dependent on the real world cycle for seasons. Instead, the seasons will last one month each. Therefore making the entire cycle last for four months. Giving you the chance to experience each season three times in a year.

Which seasons occur in which month?
Spring occurs during the months of January, May, and September. Summer takes place within the months of February, June, and October. During the duration of March, July, and November you will play through the season of Autumn. Lastly, Winter occurs during April, August, and December.

What are the effects of seasonal changes in the game?
An obvious aesthetic change is the slight differences the seasons will have on certain areas in the Unova region. For instance, it may rain in one area, but during Winter it will snow instead.

The seasons also play a part on the rarity of Pokémon that appear in the wild. Where some Pokémon might appear to be quite common during the Summer, they may be found rare during the Winter. This will only be found apparent in Route 6, Route 7, Route 8, Twist Mountain, Icirrus City, Moor of Icirrus, Dragonspiral Tower, and Undella Bay. The change in season will also have an effect on new accessible areas is some of the aforementioned areas.

Other noticeable changes, depending on the season, will be certain background music. Depending on where you are, the music may alter from what it might be during Winter compared to Summer.

Do the seasons affect the time of day?
Before the time of day would change at a specific time and remain constant. However, like in real life, the time of day now varies depending on the season you are in.

Does the change in season play a part on certain Pokémon?
Yes, and more specifically, Deerling and Sawsbuck. The changes are more aesthetic and nothing status-wise alters in any way. You will learn more of the alternate forms in our "Alternate Forms" piece of the FAQ below.

What is the Seasonal Institute?
Located on Route 6, the Season Institute is a research lab following the seasonal patterns in the Unova region. One researcher will ask you to show them all forms of Deerling. If shown, he will give you a Leaf Stone as a reward.

What are some seasonal events that occur during specific seasons?

★ Cynthia may be found ready to battle in Undella Town.
★ Caitlin and Shauntal visit Cynthia in Undella Town.

★ Cynthia may be found ready to battle in Undella Town.
★ Skyla, Elesa and Lenora all visit Cynthia in Undella Town.
★ A trainer will trade her Munchlax in return for a Cinccino in Undella Town.

There are no events that take place during Autumn.

★ The Ice Cream shop in Castelia City will no longer sell Castelia Ices on Tuesdays.
★ In Icirrus City, a snowfall shall occur giving you access to certain areas and items such as Max Potions and TinyMushrooms.
★ The snowfall will hit Twist Mountain giving you the chance to obtain TM90 during then.

Alternate Forms


How to obtain:
Basculin has two forms: the Red Stripe Form and the Blue Stripe Form. These two forms are not interchangeable, and are dependent on its appearance at capture. The Red Stripe form will appear in Black while its alternate form will be found in White. However, due to the new Wild Pokémon Encounter Method, players will have a shot at finding the other forms in the other games.


How to obtain:
To get the Zen Mode requires a Darmanitan from the Dream World or one of the forms in the Desert Resort, which is just outside of the Relic Castle. There will be six of the forms and you may get one from there.

Deerling and Sawsbuck

How to obtain:
Depending on the season, Deerling's and Sawsbuck's form will change to an adaptation of the current season for the month. There is no change but its appearance, and you can find Deerling on Route 6, Route 7, and in the Dragonspiral Tower. Sawsbuck is only found in the Dragonspiral Tower. For more visual sight on the different forms, click here.


How to obtain:
To change the form of Meloetta, you must take it to one of the characters in the café of Castelia City. The person you meet in there will teach it a move known as "Ancient Voice" which allows Meloetta to change form during battle. However keep in mind, this only works during a battle and not outside of one.


How to obtain:
To change the form of Deoxys, you must first transfer it over with the PokéTransfer on Route 15. After the process, take it to Nacrene City's museum where a meteorite is displayed inside. By clicking the meteorite, your Deoxys will change forms in any given order starting from its Normal to Speed form, and back again.


How to obtain:
After the process of transferring your Rotom throught the PokéTransfer on Route 15, head over to the Department Store located on Route 9. In the store there are several boxes that you can interact with allowing your Rotom to change forms. Instead of Rotom being half ghost, Black and White now has all of the forms as part Electric in typing.


How to obtain:
When you have defeated the Elite Four, head onto Cycling Road where you will bump into Dark Trinity (members of N's squad). With an apology, they give you three orbs; the Lustrous, Adamant and Griseous Orb. Attack the Griseous Orb to Giratina and it shall change form.


How to obtain:
After defeating the Elite Four, go to the Pokémon Center in Lacunosa Town and talk to a lady there. She will then give you the Gracidea Key item that will allow your Shaymin to change forms between 5am and 8pm each day.

Legendary Pokémon


How to obtain:
Victini is the first legendary you will encounter. It can only be obtained through the Liberty Pass which is given over Wi-Fi. The Liberty Pass allows you to enter one of the boats in Castelia City where you will face several Team Plasma members until you reach Victini. After defeating the numerous amount of members in Team Plasma, Victini shall be awaiting at the end for your battle.

Zekrom & Reshiram

How to obtain:
The main mascot legendaries will be another encounter you shall face. After you have defeated the Elite Four, Zekrom or Reshiram (depending on the game you chose) will come in with N's plan at Dragonspiral Tower. When you face either one of the two, they will be set at LV 50. Keep in mind, soft resetting does not work and they cannot be obtained as shinies. If you have a full party and don't have any room to catch Reshiram or Zekrom at the time, your save progress shall go on. However, you are able to go back to the same place when you have an available slot open for it.


How to obtain:
After receiving HM Surf, new accessible areas will be open for you. One of these areas would be the Mistralton Cave on Route 6. If you enter the cave, a man will inform you of the three Fighting type legendaries, with Cobalion being the first and at the end of this cave. When you reach the end, you shall face Cobalion at LV 42 (as all three of them will be).


How to obtain:
The second of the three Fighting type legendaries is Terrakion. Near the top of Victory Road, a cave has opened up containing this legendary. In order to reach Terrakion, you must have a Pokémon that knows the HM Strength.


How to obtain:
Right after you obtain Cobalion, an eastern area in Pinwheel Forest will now be accessible. Within the area, Virizion shall be obtainable, and the last of the three Fighting type legendaries.


How to obtain:
After you have captured and traded for Tornadus and Thundurus, you must take the two to the Abundant Shrine which can be found in Route 14. If you interact with the shrine, Landorus shall appear and battle you at LV 70.


How to obtain:
A new area called the Giant Chasm will appear north of Route 13 open for you to catch the legendary, Kyurem. The area is filled with forestry until you get closer to where the legendary lies, and as the area freezes with a lake and an earthy ground, you will encounter Kyurem.

Tornadus & Thundurus

How to obtain:
When you have finally obtained all 8 badges, head to Route 10 to hear the notice on the strange weather pattern going on in Route 7. When you reach that route you shall be invited into a house. When you leave, Tornadus or Thundurus (depending on the game you chose) will confront you and roam off. These are the roaming Pokémon in Black and White and appear in the Southern routes during the morning and in the Northern routes around the evening, both at LV 40. Tornadus is exclusive to Pokémon Black while Thundurus is exclusive to Pokémon White.