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Pokémon Black and White FAQ

The Dream World and C-Gear are just two of the many new features implemented into Black and White. This section of the FAQ will cover those many new features that Black and White has introduced to us.

Pokémon Global Link

A new feature introduced in Black and White, the Pokémon Global Link allows you to upload your save onto the internet leading you to a specific website that allows you to get access to features and Pokémon in your games.

How do I connect to the Global Link site?
To gain access to the Global Link site, you need to sync up over the Nintendo Wi-Fi Connection. You can do this one of two ways: Use the Dream Smoke feature given off from the Pokémon Munna and Musharna or connect through the C-Gear. When connected, you can then send across one Pokémon from your PC Box to the Dream World. This site here provides a detailed tutorial on how to set up your Game Sync ID. Also, note that you won't be able to access it until March 30th.

Do battles occur through the Pokémon Global Link site?
Once signed up on the Pokémon Global Link, you will have the chance to participate in random matches within the Pokémon Centers. You will also be ranked based on your performances which will appear on the Global Link site.

Things you can download...
Through the Pokémon Global Link site, there will be times when you can download a variety of contents. This spans from backgrounds for your PC Box in Black and White to your Pokédex and C-Gear. You'll also be able to download new songs for Pokémon Musicals. For more information on downloadable contents, click here.

Dream World

The Dream World allows trainers to play mini-games on the site with your Pokémon and even interact with other Pokémon.

Is there a time limit for being connected to the Dream World?
You are only permitted one hour in the Dream World per day. This starts from your first day connected. Afterward, you will not be able to get into the Dream World for another 24 hours.

Please note that if you adjust the DS clock in any way, game sync will take up to another 24 hours to recharge - so be careful.

I have a house?
The first thing you may notice when in the Dream World is your house situated on your own island. You may find this acting similar to a secret base like in past games. Using berries, you may purchase various furniture pieces to decorate your house here.

Can I purchase furniture for my house in the Dream World while playing Black and White?
Yes, you can. After you have first accessed the Dream World, a new shop will open up in Nacrene City. Here, a girl will offer to make and sell you new pieces of your furniture for the price of berries. Check back daily for new items she may have up.

What is my Treasure Chest?
The treasure chest in your house holds items that you can take and later transfer to your game through the Entralink when you sync up again through the Pokémon Global Link.

Is it possible to grow berries in the Dream World?
In the Unova region, you cannot grow berries. The only way you may grow berries and send them back to your games is through the Dream World. It should be noted that berries are grown in a similar manner to past generations.

What can I do with the Item Area?
The Item Area allows you to place up to nine items you own on a rack. These items can then be traded by your friends who come to visit your island. For you to do this with their items, you simple select an item from your rack that you wish to replace with theirs.

What is the Dream Isle?
Located on the other side of the island, the Dream Isle is where you can sift through various items and Pokémon through different areas. At the end, you will reach the Dream Tree. Here, for the price of a berry you can send a Pokémon to your Entralink. You can skip this function at first to go back and find more Pokémon and items, but keep in mind, once you offer a berry and select a Pokémon you may not return to the Dream Isle until the next day.

How do I play mini-games in the Dream Isle?
Upon encountering Pokémon that may be hiding in certain areas such as within lakes, trees, bushes or sometimes not even hiding at all, they will offer to play a game with you. Through these games you will befriend the Pokémon. Completion of the mini-games will earn you up to 30 Dream Points, and depending on your score, it will determine whether or not your Pokémon comes with a special move.

Can I see my friend's houses?
Based upon the friends on your Pal Pad and after at least one encounter with your friends over Wi-Fi, you will have the option which allows you to check out the other islands in the main area. You and your Pokémon can then interact with your friends' area, allowing you to trade items and water their own berries.

Collecting Dream Points
While taking on various tasks throughout the Dream World, you will find yourself building up Dream Points. These points work as a leveling system - not for your Pokémon - so you gain access to newer location in the Dream Isle as well as other perks. By taking a look at your Global Link profile, you can see how many points you've earned.

Can I capture Pokémon in the Dream World?
Yes, while befriending Pokémon you will come appoint a time when you are given the opportunity to capture them. Once captured, you may then transfer it to your Black and White games the next time you sync up. The Pokémon found here tend to not be apart of the Unova Pokédex and may also have a different ability that may not normally be found with in the third and fourth generation games.

With new abilities available, are there also new moves learned by Pokémon in the Dream World?
In addition to new abilities, there are certain Pokémon that will be found knowing a move they may not normally know. For instance, what one Pokémon can only learn through breeding, they may automatically know it here. The attacks known are dependent upon your achieved scores in the mini-games of the Dream World.

What other special exclusives do Dream World Pokémon carry?
Along with alternate moves and abilities, some Pokémon may be found with exclusive hold items.

What is the Dream Ball?
Upon arrival of the Dream Isle's Entralink Forest, you will occasionally encounter various types of Pokémon. You will find the Dream Ball automatically placed in your pack. This ball will ensure a 100% capture of the Pokémon in the Dream World, but you may try your hand at using other Pokéballs if desired.

I keep getting errors when I complete a mini-game. What's the issue?
There's a chance that it could be browser-dependant. Firefox 3.6 and below doesn't work well with the Dream World and errors occur often. To fix this, switch to another browser. We haven't yet tested every browser - but the Dream World works perfectly on Chrome and Safari without any errors, so if Firefox fails, try either of those.

The C-Gear

Like the Pokétch in Diamond, Pearl, and Platinum, the C-Gear is a feat that sits on the bottom of your display screen and provides a variety of options.

Is it always searching for local Wireless, Infrared, and Wi-Fi connections?
Yes, when on, the C-Gear will constantly search for these access points to help find you friends. You do have the option to turn this feature off. However, you will need to turn the system on to access certain parts of the C-Gear and to upload your save file.

What are the infrared options?
The infrared selection has the most available options to use. These options require you to be face to face with another friend in order to work efficiently. The four given options are Battle, Trade, Friend Code Exchange, and Feeling Check.

The Feeling Check is a new option that allows both you and your nearby friend to interact through each others touch screens. It will set a score of your compatibility. Earning a score of 0 to 60 will earn you one Heart Sweet item, but if you earn a score of 60 to 80, then you will receive two.

Please note, you can only do this once a day with a person.

What are the wireless options?
A feature you may find yourself using the most, the wireless option of the C-Gear not only gives you access to multiplayer mode, but it acts as a conduit to receiving your Pokémon from the Dream World. You have two options: Entralink and Xtransceiver.

What does the Entralink and Xtransceiver do?
First off, the Entralink takes you out of your current location of the game and places you in the Entralink center of the Unova region. Through this you can begin your own Entralink adventure or join in on an adventure of another player. You may also head north to the Dream Forest to capture any Pokémon you acquired in the Dream World.

Exclusive to the DSi and DSi XL, the Xtransceiver option allows you to have a four-way video chat with friends that are located in the range of the local wireless signal.

How about the Wi-Fi options? What are those?
Working with the Pokémon Global Link, this allows you to connect to the Global Link site. It syncs up with the servers of the Global Link and uploads all your achievements, winning records and more onto your Pokémon Global Link profile.

What is the Pass By Mode?
Allowing you to keep wireless options on as you live through your daily life, your game will detect any notice of another player who passes you by. Upon registering the player, it will log certain statuses of the other player and fill you in with details such as their chosen starter, their progress through their game, and so on.

If detected while the other player is in a battle, the Pass By Mode will update you with how they are doing within the battle.

How does the Passing Survey work?
In Castelia City, within the C-Gear building, a researcher will set you up with a various amount of questions for you to answer along with many excuses for why you were given the questions. Through the C-Gear's Pass By Mode, questions will build up as you pass by other players. Successfully completing all the survey questions each time will earn you prize items.

Keep in mind, you are not given a time limit for how long you can run the surveys, but there is a limit before you can produce your results.

Can I customize my C-Gear?
From the background to the buttons and placement, you can customize your C-Gear to where it's truly your own. As mentioned before, you can also download backgrounds for your C-Gear through the Pokémon Global Link website.

The PokéTransfer

Similar to the Pal Park, the PokéTransfer is a building located on Route 15 that allows you to transfer your Pokémon from DPPt and HG/SS after you've obtained the National Pokédex.

How do I connect my DPPt or HGSS games to Black and White?
You will need two DS' - one with Black or White in its slot and the other with your Fourth Generation game. When you go to connect, a DS Download play application will appear. This will then link in with your fourth generation game allowing you access to transfer your Pokémon over to Black and White.

Are there any restrictions when transfering my Pokémon?
Like the Pal Park, you can only transfer six Pokémon at a time (there is no day time limit like in Diamond and Pearl). In addition to the Pokémon limit, there are now other restrictions you must follow.

★ No Hold Items
★ Pokémon that know HM moves that are exclusive to their respective versions cannot be transferred.
★ Eggs cannot be sent over
★ The Spiky-Eared Pichu cannot be transferred.

Can I transfer my event Shiny Raikou, Entei, Suicune, or Celebi through the PokéTransfer and still obtain Zorua and Zoroark?
NO! If you transfer any of the above mentioned Pokémon through the PokéTransfer, you will not be able to obtain Zorua or Zoroark. Instead, you will need to use the Relocator.

Do I still have to capture my transferred Pokémon like in the Pal Park?
No, unlike the Pal Park, you will obtain your transferred Pokémon through a mini-game. Requiring good aim, you task is to use a bow that shoots out Pokéballs to capture your Pokémon. You control the bow through the touch screen and the Pokémon will be shifting between bushes through the top screen.

The Relocator

How do I activate the Relocator?
In the left building at the north of Castelia is a man asking for a set of secret phrases. These phrases are used to enable the Relocator. The set of phrases are:

How do I use the Relocator?
Like with the PokéTransfer, you will need two DS' systems. The DS holding Black or White will send out a a DS Download play application on the main menu of the DS holding either Diamond, Pearl, Platinum, HeartGold, or SoulSilver.

The Relocator can then be accessed from the main menu.

What can I transfer over with this machine?
The Relocator is very limited unlike the PokéTransfer. The Pokémon you transfer over aren't just any kind of Pokémon, but specific event Pokémon, as well as one event item. These are:

What is so special about these Pokémon and item?
The shiny Johto Legendary Trio unlocks the Lostlorn Forest. Here you will meet a character speaking of a Pokémon of illusions. You will notice that this Pokémon is in the form of one of the shiny beasts depending on which of the trio Pokémon you sent over. After your first attack, you will notice the Pokémon to be a Zoroark. This is the only way you can capture a Zoroark in-game.

Transferring over Celebi will allow you to unlock a Zorua as a gift from a character located within one of the Castelia City gates.

Currently, the Lock Capsule is unavailable. It is an item available for HeartGold and SoulSilver. When transferred to Black and White, you will have the opportunity to take it to Mr. Lock who is located in the Northern Road of Castelia City. He explains how the Lock Capsule has sealed a TM within to protect it from the hands of Team Rocket. After unlocking it, he awards you TM95 Bark Out.

Pokémon Musicals

Are Pokémon Musicals a new name for Pokémon Contests?
Unfortunately, Pokémon Contests are not the same thing as Pokémon Musicals. Black and White has replaced Contests with their new side feature, Musicals.

So, what are Pokémon Musicals?

Minus the battle-like aspect of contests where you use your Pokémon's moves as appeals, Musicals are an enhancement of the dress-up and dance appeal rounds of Super Contests.

Getting dressed up
The first round of Pokémon Musicals includes dressing up your Pokémon. Like before, you obtain accessory items such as costumes and props that are placed in your "Goods Case." You will use these accessories to match your Pokémon to the premise and feel of the song.

What are the different categories of Pokémon Musicals?
There are a total of four categories, each with a different style for you to dress your Pokémon up in. The list below will show the four categories and styles.

★ Stardom → Cool
★ Forest Stroll → Cute
★ A Sweet Soirée → Elegant
★ Exciting Nimbasa → Unique
★ Attract Munna → Cool

The Performance Round
Once your Pokémon is all decked out with their costume and props, it's time to hit the stage and let the music play. By pleasing the audience, they will throw items for you to keep. The performance round comes with its own set of music, but you can also download more music for Musicals through the Global Link site.

How do I use items to my advantage during performance?
If your Pokémon is holding an item in its hands, then during performance you can use these items to attract the audience's attention. Just remember that you may only do this once per item, so save your moments for when it best benefits you.

Is there anything more I can do?
Other than choosing the right types of items to use and costume, you have little control otherwise.

Battle Subway

Similar to the Battle Tower of Johto, Hoenn, and Sinnoh, Black and White comes with its own battle tower facility called the Battle Subway. Here you will enter a large station and battle various trainers through different trains.

How do I gain access to the Battle Subway?
Going through the Gear Station in Nambasa City will give you access to the Subway. Once there, you will notice numerous trains leading to various parts of the Unova region. Battling all the trainers on the train will lead you to another station elsewhere within the region.

Which types of battles are available?
There are many methods of battle within the Battle Subway. You will find them listed below.

★ Green Line: Single Battles
★ Dark Green Line: Super Single Battles
★ Red Line: Double Battles
★ Pink Line: Super Double Battles
★ Brown Line: Train going to Anville Town
★ Orange Line: Multi Battles
★ Yellow Line: Super Multi Battes
★ Light Blue Line: Wi-Fi Battles

What are the "Super" type battles?
As you noticed, Super Single Battles, Super Double Battles, and Super Multi Battles are just more difficult types of battles compared to their standard mode.

What can I do in Multi and Super Multi Battles?
The Multi Battles offer you the chance to compete in double battles with a friend or NPC.

What are the Wi-Fi Battles?
Through Wi-Fi Battles, you can challenge the Battle Subway with another friend over Wi-Fi.

Is there a specific number of consecutive wins I must complete before reaching the Subway Masters?
Like the Battle Tower, you must complete a series of seven consecutive battles. After completing each streak, you will earn Battle Points to purchase items at the Battle Shop. A total of 21 wins you earn you a spot against the Subway Master for the first time. A total of 48 consecutive wins will lead you to another battle against the Subway Master, but this time with more of a challenge.

Who are the Subway Masters and through which battle system can I go up against them?

Ingo You can challenge Ingo through Single Battles.

Emmet Emmet can be found through Super Double Battles.

Ingo and Emmet Through Super Multi Battles you can face off against both Ingo and Emmet together.