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Originally Posted by david.schechtman View Post
there is another bug, and another thing i not sure if its a bug,
bug) in the past rainbow forest, there is a spot that you can walk through the trees,

Not so sure if it's a bug) in the second blue stone for going to the past, in alpine beach, i can't go to the past, even with secret power, not so sure if its a bug cause you may not have written the script yet, or, i may need some special requirement to access past version..... if so tell me please,

BTW: Great Hack, i loved your ideas, keep your work, if you ever need a beta tester, I'm a volunteer.
Thanks, but I fixed those after the alpha was released. I hadn't worked on it in ages and forgot about those things until after I released it. The rock doesn't have a script so you can't go to the Alpine Beach's past map.

And thanks. :3

Highland Hills

This is one map packed full of trainers, and it'll lead to the snowy region. :3

EDIT: Just to make the game a bit more interesting, there are some optional, exceptionally strong trainers in the route. They will be guarding a nice, rare item. :3

And after beating the 3rd gym, you'll be able to use strength instead of fly. :3
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