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~ the "Check to see" thread ~

Basically, when we check the subforums (Roleplay Stage and Roleplay Casting) and there are newly submitted threads by you, we will make a new post here and state whether or not your thread was accepted.

If your thread is accepted, it will now be visible on the index and ready for people to post in. Hooray!

If your thread is denied, we may post a hint/tip on what was wrong. It's most often because of one or several of the following reasons:

- No rating? All RPs must have a rating. Re. Mem. Ber.

- Too short plot? Your background story/plot/setting should really span a couple of paragraphs. Extremely short info texts usually don't set up the RP well enough.

- Does your background actually act as background info? Does it tell your roleplayers where the roleplay takes place, what the goal or purpose of the RP is, why their character might potentially be involved...? Double-check!

This means
, don't ask the moderators via VM/PM to check your thread; if your thread doesn't show up for a while, you can check this thread to see if it was denied and what the major reason is.

If you want more detailed feedback on your thread, after it's been denied in this thread, then you can PM the moderator about it.

If your RP is denied, you may fix what I've pointed out here (or in a PM if you asked for one) and then post it in the RPS/RPC again and hope to be accepted the second time :3 Your RP is not less worthy just because it took a couple of rounds to get through- it might even be better than average since you've fixed it up!

Let's keep the PokéCommunity Roleplay Theater a place of quality, guys!
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