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    FINALLY got white today. Bayum.

    Named myself Alex, spent an hour choosing between Tepig and Oshawott, and chose the latter and called him Feral (still not sure about my choice)

    Challenged my buddies and beat they asses', Grinded on those poor Patrats and Lillipups (Which are both ugly).

    Beat N like he nuthin', green haired sissy, then caught myself a Purrloin and named her lolcatz. I don't battle competitively so I don't care about.. What they call em' IV's, EV's? I thought those were hospital contraptions.

    Grinded on more poor defenseless wild pokemon. Then beat Bianca who only gained what.. two levels? Also wiped the floor with Cheren, btdubz who has a fantastic fashion sense. I KILLED HIM WITH MY NEW FIREMONKEY who I called Fireball, cuz he's firey.

    Also I HATE the new EXP system.