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    After I defeated N and Ghetis I went through the new routes unlocked and battled the higher levelled trainers, I'm currently searching for 6 of the Seven Sages, I've found 3 so far and have just caught Volcarona which too 3 resets (I either knocked it out or my pokemon fainted etc), In the end I taught Poison Jab to Sawk and managed to poison Volcarona on the first turn, when Sawk got knocked out I switched to Samurott and used Slash, at this point Volcarona's health was in the red so I threw a Dusk Ball at it and caught it straight away (It still took 10+ Dusk balls from the previous attempts), I've also decided to replace my Archeops with Volcarona and I replaced Haxorous with Reshiram as soon as I caught it.

    My Team;

    Samurott Lv57
    Stoutland Lv56
    Excadrill Lv57
    Sawk Lv57
    Reshiram Lv57
    Volcarona Lv70
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