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    Well, I'm a bit late to the party it seems.

    Regardless, what base should I use for my Hack?

    I possess virtually no programming, engineering or scripting talents, so I really don't know my way around the back of a ROM... I'm the artistic person that has already spent too much time drawing overworld maps, tossing tiles together to make towns and routes, and plotting out the story.

    Ages ago on this thread there was a discussion about FireRed versus Emerald. What are the major differences? Music was mentioned (but what does that even mean to someone who likes to WRITE his own music?), as were tilesets. Can Emerald have two overworld maps like FireRed? And on top of that, is attempting animated sprites suicidal for someone who wants to, if human resources provide, incorporate Generation IV Pokémon and moves into the game?

    ...and of course, various and sundry other questions.

    (looking for a hack team, btw. A GOOD hack team. Just throwin that out there. Look for me on the Team Discussion forum.)