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Originally Posted by twistedpuppy View Post
It's fine if it's all of them, minus Rachel, but it'll be perfect if it's just those 5.
1/ I love your Signature. It is full of awesomeness (Klaine or Blurt, Whichever you want to call it)
2/ I hope we get more Santana songs for the rest of this season, I loved her original song, and pretty much her voice since she sang in Season 1 when she sang the boy is mine.
I also felt bad when Brittany turned her down.
3/ Original song was a brillant episode, and to be honest I think that one episode had more plot than the last 3 combined. It was like, "BAM,Quinn wants to be prom queen, BAM Kurt sings blackbird, BAM Quinn breaks the truth to Rachel, BAM Kurt and Blaine Finally kiss, BAM Candles, BAM Raise Your Glass, BAM Get it right, BAM Loser like me, BAM Results, BAM Sue punches the announcer, Bam Rachel Becomes MVP, BAM Kurt and Blaine Hold hands. BAM Preview for the next episode."