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    Battles in 3D or at least without 2D graphics such as Battle Revolution did, would be great for a new 3DS or Wii game. It also gives nintendo a chance to try different battle mechanics or to change things around a little to keep things fresh.

    If you could design your own pokemon game with the help of nintendo and/or other companies, what would your game be like? What console would it be on? etc.

    I would create a pokemon game (that is not another Battle Revolution game) where you create your own character and can buy/unlock more outfits to choose from and you battle gym leaders for badges and what not like a traditional pokemon game except with 3D graphics and effects during battles and walking around the world. It would be on a 3DS and a Wii, and you would be able to transfer your pokemon back and fourth between systems as long as your trainer and system IDs match, that way your not taking other people's pokemon. Also, you will be able to transfer pokemon from Diamond/Pearl/Platinum to Black/White and once you do, your games profile will be synced with your other games so that no one else can use them.
    For online play and multi battles, you can battle other trainers as usual and there are still battle towers to have different and fun battles, but the only new thing will be ranks. Depending on how many people you battled, how many times you won, and what rank the person you battled, your rank will go up. Having a higher rank allows you to buy rank only items for your house or your pokemon.
    Other things that would be included will be the ability to own your own player house, that you can customize yourself from tons of endless options and over hundreds of different furniture types and lots of different places you can own them at. You could also enter someone elses house through wi-fi or wireless communications. Underground will also be availiable, and it is improved and you can play minigames and do even more things than before. The last thing that would also be in the game will be the pokemon contests. It's the usual thing, only with the exception of you being able to have more options to choose from when dressing up your pokemon with more items and backgrounds than before, and playing online instead of only through one player or wireless communications.

    Sorry if this is a long post, I had much to write about.

    Refer to my post below for the new question please.

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