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    Golden Tribe
    Name: Violet Ryhm
    Title: Just joining doesn't have one yet
    Age: 14
    Gender: Female
    Personality: Violet is a very headstrong and enthusiastic Pokemon. She's never afraid to stick up for others and will risk her life to protect the Alpha Alliance. She's the type of Pokemon who in some situations will listen to orders carefully but if someone is in danger she will not hesitate to act. Despite the fact that she can be a fierce warrior in battle outside of it she can be calm and gentle if need be. Specifically in helping people deal with their Problems.
    Bio: Violet was born to parents that were always loyal to the Alpha Alliance. Before she evolved Violet would always look in awe at the members of the Golden Tribe saying to herself that one day she would make it there. After this she trained herself long and hard for many years until she evolved into a Toxicroak. After many more months of trying Violet was finally invited to join the Golden Tribe something she had always wished for.
    Pokemon Species: Toxicroak
    Move set: Poison Jab, Brick Break, Focus Blast, Sucker Punch
    PAIR: [Silver]
    BROTHERS: Aura.Lucario
    SISTERS: Marina E. Silver.

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