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Pokemon East/West Version

Developed in RPG maker XP

Developed by YagerBomb(Me)

Using CrazyNinjaguy's Starter Kit

Background Story

Pokemon East and West take place in a brand new Region named Elcipa. The Region of Elcipa is divided into two Independent States. East Elcipa and West Elcipa.(Hence the name) These two states are locked in a war between each other using Pokemon as their foot soldiers. There is rumored to be two Legendary Pokemon capable of leading an army to Victory, Arcyx and Oceiro. While this war commences, there are many franticly searching for these Pokemon.

Your Story

Your Character(Boy/Girl) is having their 17th Birthday and your parents promise to take you to the pokemall to buy your first Pokemon.( One of the Three Starters,because they are on sale) You pick one and then you go home. The next day, you wake up to find Professor Redwood waiting for you. Professor Redwood wants you to collect Data on all the Pokemon in Elcipa for "secret government uses"(you will find the answers in the game) so the Prof. can present the Data to his superiors. You receive the P.D.C.D. (Pokemon Data Collecting Device) to do your survey of the Region.


Tobias/Clara: See your characters background.

Professor Redwood: The local Pokemon professor from your hometown who gives you the P.D.C.D.

General Philip: The General of the West army that will either Aid you or fight you depending on your Version.

General Alexander: The General of the East army, other wise see Philip

Theo: The former Pokemon Champion who held his spot until the West Army closed down the Pokemon League and now is in Charge of the Anti-War Movement

Steven Stone: Yes, that Steven Stone. Steven moved to Elcipa when his brother died in the war to raise his nephew. Also is part of the Anti-War movement.

Tony Albaechi: The premier business man in Elcipa who owns The Poke-Mart all the Regions in the Pokemon Universe.

Staffan: Not much is know about Staffan or his involvement in the war.

Richard: Steven's Nephew. Often provides you information about the region.

Gary Oak: Yes, that Gary Oak. Gary came to Elcipa to avoid the Limelight of being a Gym Leader but now fights in the Anti-War Movement.


-162 Pokemon both old and new!
-Brand new Region!
-Tropical Vacation Islands, The Ondor Islands!
-Brand new Pokemon Adventure!
-You can buy Houses and Property!
-Starters from Previous games catchable in the Game.


To be released.

These are PlaceHolder images


Positions Open

Music Person


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