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Actually, if you look at the original maps for route 1 on hg/ss then you'll see that the two stairs are covered slightly by the trees, which is why they are on mine. Just the slight differences in the posistioning on the tilesets means that they overlap more.

Viridian city is mapped but not evented yet.

The online event systems works, as the new screenshots in the first post show. Am thinking about doing an gts type thing, but not 100% on it.

Originally Posted by pokemonseablueversion View Post
Nice game, so far.
My only advice is that you should take screenshots when it is daytime.
That way, the screen will look clear.
And, about your doors in the houses, it will be better if you download the door animations. I'll provide an attachment. But, credit Curt's Region Starter Kit for the door animations!

I know i should do screenshots during the day, i just tend to work on it most in the evenings/at night

As for the animated doors, they are animated
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