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    I'll be joining as one of the "bad guys" (Order of Neoverse). I'll edit it when I come back from dinner.

    EDIT: Let me know if it needs futher editing.

    Lex Omega
    Age: 20
    Gender: Male
    Appearance: Lex looks like a normal Alakazam, but with a longer moustache and an Omega symbol on his forehead.
    Personality: Lex rarely shows any emotions, and enjoys meditating to increase his powers. He is always relaxed and will not lose his temper unless he's pushed way too far. He can also be a bit obsessive.
    Bio: Lex never got along with others very well, probably because he liked being alone more than playing with others. When he evolved into Kadabra, he grew obsessed with his Psychic powers and spent days training to hone his skills. The then evolved into Kadabra and learned more moves. He decided to use his powers to take over the world, and
    Pokemon Species: Alakazam
    Move set: Psychic, Shadow Ball, Calm Mind, Focus Blast.

    Kanto(Yellow), Johto(Silver), Hoenn(Ruby), Sinnoh(Platinum): Done
    Unova: To Do