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    Neptune walked out of his house and took a deep breath. It was rather quiet here, in the little village of Poseida. The Alpha Aliiance stronghold, Eternity City wasn't far from here, and Neptune cound see the skyscrapers from here.

    "Being a non-Gold Tribe member is actually a good thing." Neptune told himself, smiling as he watched the sun set, "No meetings, no defending, no trouble at all."

    But then he realised the danger he was in. The Order of Neoverse, or 'Order of the Worst' as he called it was going to attack anytime soon. Neptune gulped as he thought of the horrible scene. He had to do something, but he wasn't really that famous, and people outside Poseida didn't know his existence.

    He was absolutely strong enough to enter the Gold Tribe, but he didn't want to. He had friends here. Buddies and pals to play with.
    But I guess I don't have to worry. The gold tribe doesn't know about me. He thought as he drank a cup of cold, refreshing water. He was sitting on lounge chair on the balcony, enjoying the he knew it wound never be the same again.

    "Neptune," a Pelipper landed right next to him and poked him with his beak, "The Order of the Worst's coming soon. What are you gonna do about it?"

    "What'd you want me to do, Apollo?" Neptune tilted his head, and his golden trident reflected the sunlight, shining beautifully.

    "You're the best fighter in the village, Neptune!" Apollo wailed, "You'll have to help the Gold Tribe."

    "Me? Help the gold tribe?" Neptune was flabbergasted, "I'm not joining those guys...I want some freedom here, but if you want me to stop the Order, then you're right."

    Neptune got to his feet and left the balcony, "I'll go to Eternity City right now. I'll see what I can do."

    Apollo nodded happily and flew towards the City again. He was a spy, and he needed to spy on the Order all the time.

    Neptune jumped into a river and swam towards the city. Lucky for him, there was a river connecting Poseida and Eternity, making all water types easier to travel. He propelled himself towards the city and took a deep breath. Something big's going to happen. I can feel it. Neptune thought, his trident shimmering under the sunlight.

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