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Originally Posted by Mozarch4 View Post
great ill PM u when am ready to trade wich is next thursday. btw can u teach starmie ice beam and psychic instead of the shiny aerodactyl
Yeah I can teach starmie Ice Beam and psychic. Which moves would you like to replace?

Originally Posted by Larq View Post
Awesome, thank you. I'll let you know as soon as I have all the pokemon gathered.
Sounds good

Originally Posted by platinum dragonite View Post
Pokemon wanted: Eigakan Arceus
Pokemon type: event
Pokemon offered: Michina Arceus (100% legit obtained myself)
Nature: Mild
Gender: Unknown
IV (if applicable): Unknown
EV (if applicable):Unknown
Touched or Untouched: UT
OT (of pokemon):Michina
ID (of pokemon):11059
Time Zone (and when you are usually online): i dunno but i am in Australia
Questions or comments: none
Friend Code: Pokemon diamond:4468-7835-8668
Thanks for the trade.

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