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Originally Posted by Netto Azure View Post
Why is your Civ so far behind everyone's? :(

Still be wary of the aggressive people.

They bite.

That aside do you do open Borders or..?
That's just a power chart...

I already know that.

I've experienced that pain before. >_<

I tend to not (and in some cases that comes back to bite me. >_<).

Originally Posted by mondays suck View Post
Build some military already - pull out the nasty guys' teeth and they won't bite you.
I'm too far in this game for that. >_< I'll keep that in mind for my next game, though. I keep forgetting that. :x


Game 1 Update 7: Research Party!


Shiny rocks are always a nice luxury to have.

And I got the Oracle! I forgot what I chose to be my freebie tech, though. I think it was Bronze Working.

Got Meditation now, so I'm gonna go for Fishing, since I'll need that to get me some of this bronze over here.

And now to research Sailing.

And that makes everything fantastic. ^_^

Ah, yes, Pottery. Health will become an issue pretty fast with how quickly these cities are growing.

Just checking my difficulty. Things seemed to be going too smoothly up to this point. I also chose to research Archery as a just-in-case type thing.

And there we go. We're set in case we don't get that bronze.

I don't think I actually chose writing at this point. I think I ended up going for Iron Working. I'm not quite sure.

End Update 7.
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