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    Originally Posted by FinalPaladin View Post
    Hi, i am offering 2 mons in my sig (including ev'd galvantula) for the ev'd tyranitar and ev'd skarmory
    Hmmm can you give me the moves EVs/IVs (or stats) for the rhyperior, drapion, and dragonair?

    Originally Posted by Garrabutártulo View Post
    I saw you want occa berry. I have tons of occa berries (that's the one that lowers fire attacks power, right?)
    I can give you occa berries. Can you give me some TMs? I'm looking for substitute (TM90, I think), and some more I just can't remember now.
    Yeah I'll take three. What other TMs are you looking for?

    Originally Posted by Mozarch4 View Post
    recover and rapid spin

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