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dannyboy...I think your a page or 2 behind >.>

Granted, but to make it less frustrating the trainers there decide to use their weakest pokemon and TeamRocket decides to steal all of the weaklings, including yours, so now the Battle Subway has all of the highest level pokemon possible which means it is twice as frustrating, and to fix this you decide to go after team rocket to get the weak pokemon back, while preparing your revenge you get a few recruits. Without knowing you accidently higher a TeamRocket Spy and after years of plotting your revenge you decide to get to work, but the spy has already informed Giovanni of your plans, and now you are held captive by TeamRocket surronded by Psyduck who constently use confuse ray on you for hours on end, when the pysduck get tired they have a Muk sit on top of you for hours on end, to keep you alive they get tenticruel to water gun you so you get drink and they have Snorlax PreChew ALL of your food and force it down your throat, for going against TeamRocket this is your Lifelong punishment and how you spend every day!

I wish for a Xtranceiver
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