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    Originally Posted by Impo View Post
    That Venusaur in your signature. If that's in game, it will be my favourite Pokemon.
    Looks awesome so far.

    Can I ask if you plan to animate attacks, and Pokemon reactions to getting attacked/hit with status?

    Each pokemon will have a standard special attack animation, an attack animation, a critical hit animation, and a hit animation. Occasionally i might throw in an animation for a particular move.

    Originally Posted by Spira View Post
    How long does it typically take to model each Pokemon? Seems like an interesting project. I will check back every so often.
    It depends on the complexity of the pokemon, so it can take anywhere from one hour to four hours to do the model.

    Originally Posted by Neo-Spriteman View Post
    The models look great, except feraligatr. It's structure just... Bugs me...
    i think it's too skinny! i'll fix that. c:

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