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I'm game, sign me up!

I'm an atheist, wasn't raised one, but chose to be one.

What are your opinions on subjects such as same-sex marriage, abortion, the death penalty, and so on? Why?

Same-sex marriage - I don't have a problem with it if both of the people are happy and are in love with each other. We don't have the right to tear them apart if they want to belong together, it's wrong. So, yea, I support it.

Abortion - As long as it's within a few months of pregnancy, I'll have no problem with it. If it's far along....I guess I'll have to leave it up to the mother. Essentially she's going to be doing all the work, so she has the right to keep the baby or not, whatever their decision is, I'll support it.

Death penalty - I believe it 100%. As long as you're proven guilty that is. The human race is expanding and more and more crimes are being committed. Murders should be dealt with swiftly and strictly by the death penalty.

Those are my views on those subject, and I don't really know what else to say on it........ :x