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Continued from here because apparently people like watching things die, be it Audino or threads.

Meet Audino, the Lapras of the Unova region in that it is guaranteed to be driven into extintion at some point, what with all the genocide that is caused by the trainers hunting specifically for this mon to target or brutally punch in the gut for the egoistical cause of making their own pokemon stronger.

Yes, I am aware of the fact that it is just a bunch of pixels, but it is a FRIENDLY bunch of pixels, loudly announcing that it is here, it does nothing but wait for you to catch it, and it even heals your pokemon provided it is highly enough leveled.

The question remains to be asked, do you think that hurting this friendly friend is something to be cherished, or do you feel slightly guilty for harming it?

also note that if anyone that posted in the last thread posts in this one it WILL be treated as double post bypassing with every consequence it normally has. (yep, I'm one of Forever's alts) Forever: He's not really! <- Behold, the proof! She knows the password to this alt as well for instance, she just likes abusing the power of being a mod on her "main" Forever: Yeah and you're abusing your own edit powers :( Oppo: Hey at least I'm not worried about editing my own posts unlike certain others

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