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If it's in your party when the seasons change, it will.

EDIT: Hehe, double ninja'd. And no, there's no such policy. I don't see why you'd think that, and frankly you're being a bit rude just to ask. It's only been five minutes or so since you posted your first question. Just because nobody answered it yet doesn't mean we're ignoring you. And besides, you were posting in the wrong place to begin with, I think. This thread is for questions about the games, not the forum. Try Community Questions & Feedback if you have an issue with the forums.

Then perhaps, in future, just a) check what a thread's for before you post in it and b) don't say things that could be construed as rude? No serious forum would have a policy of ignoring newcomers, much less one like PC, which is known for its friendly atmosphere. Asking such a thing just suggests you're annoyed because nobody responded to you for five minutes. Good luck.