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^Looks good^


(heart of a Legend;Lugia) Chap.1 -vs.Falkner

-Got Totodile
-Got Spearow
-Spearow soloed 3 trainers+Bellsprout Tower
-Totodile soloed Gym trainers
-TOtodile and SPearow take Falkner down
-GOt Roost and Zephyr Badge
-Got TOgepi's egg
-Got Old ROd
-Got to Azalea,and saved

Will play more today
Rainbow ROad White
INtended team: Simisear,Conkeldurr,Leavanny,Reuniclus,Hydreigon,Mienshao

Adventure Time Platinum
Intended Team: Grotle,Rapidash,Bronzong,Garchomp,Dustox

Heart of a Legend SoulSilver LUgia
Intended TEam:Togekiss(White),FEraligatr(Blue),Fearow(Fly) and Slowbro(Psy)
Priority: SS/Pt/W