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Originally Posted by Charizard★ View Post
Well, I had some enchiladas, watched some shows, chilled. Same old. Watch some kids running outside screaming 'We're going to die.' :x
Mm..enchiladas. <3

My mom bought a cake, and we had some pizza for a small End of The World Party as a joke.

My neighbors had a bunch of their family over, and they were all praying on their lawn.

Now, I have huge respect for religious people, however, I just couldn't stop laughing. You have to be plain stupid (or just completely ignorant/brain washed) to believe that someone who has had multiple failed predictions when they say the world is going to end, and their only basis is a bunch of random numbers thrown together with questionable math.

People were actually euthanized their pets. They better feel damn sorry, more than they ever have felt in their entire life. And I pray they never had children, because that amount of stupidity should not continue in the human race!
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