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Originally Posted by Wyatt Fire View Post
In the Zoroark movie, I was wondering why the real legendary dogs were shinies when the fakes were not. My roommate didn't know either, and Team Rocket even commented on their discolouration, but the movie never explained it.
Well Kodai never really intended the Beasts to be like the Guardians, he just wanted to frame Zoroark, or there really wasn't any connection between Kodai's Illusions, Zoroark's Illusions and the Crown Beasts. The Crown Beasts just appeared to help the town from Zoroark. (unkown it was being framed)

In all honesty, Movie 13 was just a random way to promote HG/SS and B/W. Since people would need HG/SS to transfer the legendery beasts and also BW to unlock the Zoroark event. But yeah, it was at least enjoyable.
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