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    Hey, so I'd like to sign up for this. But first:

    Originally Posted by Unknown Entity View Post
    Name: Unknown Entity
    Games: Yellow, Crystal, Emerald, Platinum, White
    Monotype: Fire

    This will be the only other challenge I've done besides the Nuzlocke Challenge.

    Let's see.
    YELLOW: Charmander -> Charizard
    CRYSTAL: Growlithe -> Arcanine (or if that's too late, Cyndaquil -> Typhlosion)
    EMERALD: Numel -> Camerupt
    PLATINUM: Ponyta -> Rapidash
    WHITE: Pansear -> Simisear

    Hope that's good for you Unknown Entity.

    ANYWAY, for my part of the challenge, here's my sign-up:

    Name: mamoswineFTW (in-game name is Ratty)
    Games: Fire Red, Shiny Gold, Sapphire, Diamond, Black
    NOTE: I can do Heart Gold if need be, but I'd prefer Shiny Gold. Also, I can hack for Kanto Johto and Hoenn.

    So please, fire away people. I'm waiting.
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