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Originally Posted by Dragonite's Wrath View Post
So, Dry Skin heals in rain and hurts in sun. The comment in parenthesis, did that mean in sun, water moves will heal and in rain, fire moves will hurt?
And I suggested Charge Beam cuz of the 90% chance of spatk raise. He said he didnt want Shadowball, and those were the only moves I thought of.
I thought of a perfect Drizzle-Team Move. Water Spout. Rain will power it up, it gets a STAB. I dont know if any of the Gen 5 pkmn here can learn it, but its a good move.
And another Ability question. What does Hydration do?
Against a Dry Skin user, fire moves do double damage, and water damages are absorbed. In rain, the user gets healed at the end of each turn, and in sun, the user receives damage. I didn't know that being in the different weathers also changes how the attacks work (the person who comments seems to say water moves will not be absorbed in the rain?), so I can't say anything to the accuracy of that statement, though a quick check on Bulbapedia or Smogon may enlighten you further.

Notable Water Spout learners include Octillery, Blastoise, and Jellicent, though two of these are usually slotted into defensive roles, and Octillery will really only shine on a TR team.

Hydration clears status at the end of a turn. So if you rest, you get full HP, and then wake up.
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