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    Ok, This is for random chit-chat, SU's after we've started, announcements, who's become a top ranger, area ranger, and so on and so forth. PC and RP corner rules apply here as per usual.

    Almia’s Shadows Return
    Game Masters- DarkAngel91 and CrossJHero.

    Hello. This is my very first ever RP that I’ve made, so please bear with me. I am so happy this got accepted Remember to have fun

    (For anyone interested yes Sven, Wendy, Keith, Kate and Rhyme*think I spelled it right* are in this RP. But they are NPC)

    Rated PG-16- Romance, Violence and Mild Language


    After the defeat of Team Dim Sun at Altru Tower, peace fell over the Almia region. 30 years later, however, darkness has once again stirred. Darkrai, God of Nightmares has been awakened once again. The gems that kept the powers of the Dark Crystal in check have been stolen, leading to the spread of dark energy. The rangers suspected that Team Dim Sun was up to no good again, but they were wrong. A new team, Team Night, has formed. Their plan? To take over the entire Pokeverse, starting with the region of Almia.

    Many former Team Dim Sun grunts and agents have joined Team Night. A few however have refused. Among these few are Ice, Lavanna, and Heath, formerly known as the Sinis Trio. They realized after their defeat that what they were doing was wrong. They were causing harm instead of doing good. They have repented their evil ways and have joined forces with the rangers to help stop Team Night from carrying out their evil and sinister scheme.

    Ice is not only the master of Ice Types, he’s also the most scientific and persuasive, as well as the leader, coming up with programs and other traps, as well as using his good looks to charm people into listening to him and doing what he asks or says. Lavanna is the Mistress of Fire-types, and also the most beautiful and temper-mental of the three, and second in command of the Trio, as well as being the only female. She’s a PMS meltdown waiting to happen if you will. She is direct, preferring to get to the point instead of tip-toeing around a problem and is constantly obsessing over her make-up, hair and clothes. Heath is the master of Ground Types, as well as……well….. let’s just say that Heath’s not exactly the fastest racehorse on the track. He is however incredibly strong, and is not afraid to throw his weight around when needed.


    You are one of 5 children selected to attend ranger school to learn how to use a styler and become not only a ranger, but an operator and a scientist as well. One day you receive a letter that reads

    Dear (Insert your name here),
    As you may or may not be aware, a great threat has risen up in our peaceful region. You are one of five children who have been chosen by the Ranger Union to attend Ranger School to help us combat this threat to our region. I shall be giving the entrance exam when you arrive. I look forward to teaching you all I know about being a Ranger.

    With Deepest Regards,

    Top Ranger Jewel Night

    The School

    The school is actually comprised of two parts. The first part is the Ranger School near Vientown, in which you learn how to become a Ranger, Scientist or Operator. The second part is actually in the Ranger Union HQ. In this part, you will be shadowing or following a person from your selected field of interest. You will be given dorms with others from your respective fields. For example, if you are an Operator, you would be in the dorm where the Operators are.

    The main training takes part on the roof of HQ for rangers. The Operators-in-training will be helping the Operators (including Heath) give the Rangers instructions, missions or advice, along with gathering any information about Team Nights activities. The Scientist trainees will be working with Prof. Hastings in the lab along with Lavanna to try and figure out a way to stop Team Night from a scientific aspect. The Ranger trainees will be working with Jewel and the other Top rangers, as well as Ice, to hone their capture skills and gain confidence in their abilities as Rangers.


    -I encourage romance but please, keep it decent and appropriate. Failure to heed this rule will result in a reminder, then a warning, then finally if need be, I will boot you from the RP.

    - As with the romance rule, keep the swearing to a minimum please. The same consequences apply to this rule as it does with the romance rule and the other rules.

    -No bunnying, God-modding, etc. If you’re going away for a while due to exams and such, and you want another player to bunny you, that’s completely acceptable. I just need both you and the player you want to bunny you to PM or VM (PM preferably) me and show me that you both agree on it.

    -All other PC rules apply

    -I am the Game Master, so if you’re having problems, feel free to PM or VM me with questions, concerns or comments, I won’t bite, I promise

    -One-two paragraph posts please. If you have writers block, and have to write a short post, that’s ok. But I don’t want to have a page full of one-line posts.

    -Post at the very least once or twice a week.

    -Please try and keep active so the RP will stay alive.

    -Have fun RPing

    - You can create two characters if you want, but only if you’re positive that you can handle it. My advice, start with one and add one later.

    Spots Available

    1.) Makbets- Ace Black

    Area Rangers



    Top Rangers
    1.)DarkAngel91- Jewel Night

    SU Form

    Name- (First and Last)

    Profession- (Ranger, Operator or Scientist)

    Age- (14-19)

    Gender- (Fairly easy. Are you a boy or a girl? Male or Female?)

    History- (One-two paragraphs minimum)

    Appearance- (One-two paragraphs minimum)

    Partner- (Your desired Pokemon Partner if your a Ranger)

    Other Interesting Information- (Any other random bits of [COLOR=blue !important][COLOR=blue !important]information[/COLOR][/COLOR] that might help the other players)


    My SU
    Name- Jewel Night

    Profession- Top Ranger

    Age- 19

    Gender- Female

    History- Jewel was born in Puel town, and when she was 10, she set out on her own pokémon journey. Her starter was a shiny female Eevee, given to her by her father. Jewel completed her journey in a year. Though she loved her adventure and seeing new things, she didn’t have the passion for battling. She felt wrong when she battled. So when her journey was over, she returned to Almia and enrolled in Ranger School.

    After she graduated she became an Area Ranger. On a mission in Hia Valley, her Eevee evolved into a Glaceon. Jewel named her Snowstar. She became a Top Ranger at the age of 16. Jewel had been away when [COLOR=blue !important][COLOR=blue !important]Operation[/COLOR][/COLOR] Brighton took place, but as soon as she heard that the Sinis Trio escaped, she returned as quickly as she could. She volunteered to search Almia Castle. She felt at [COLOR=blue !important][COLOR=blue !important]home[/COLOR][/COLOR] in the icy fortress, completely comfortable.

    She was about to leave empty-handed when she heard a cry for help. She followed the sound, never slipping on the icy floors once. When she reached a hall that only had a few paths made of ice stretching over a black abyss, she located a pair of hands in the middle of the hall, hanging on by a few fingers. She quickly but carefully made her way over. When she managed to get the stranger up on the path, it started to crack. She picked him up, calling to Snowstar to use Icy Wind to help them get across.

    After they were in a safe room, Jewel looked at the stranger, and was stunned to find that she had rescued Ice, Leader of the Sinis Trio. She nursed him back to health, and granted him a pardon. 3 years later and She and Ice have become a mix of lovers/ girlfriend and [COLOR=blue !important][COLOR=blue !important]boyfriend[/COLOR][/COLOR], with Ice always following her everywhere, even on missions when she allows him. He had learned quickly how to be a ranger under Jewel’s teaching, and is constantly telling her what he did, like a child telling his mother of his achievement. Jewel always praises Ice for a job well done, and Ice seems pleased that he has impressed, and continues to impress, his former mentor and love of his life.

    Appearance- Jewel is 5’8”, with a slender, delicate body and long slim legs. Though she seems delicate she’s actually quite tough. She has long, hip-length electric-blue hair and gem-like Sapphire eyes. Her skin is snow-white, and is always at least 4 or 5 degrees colder than other people, save for Ice as they are both the same temperature. Jewel prefers cold, snowy places, like Almia Castle, Hia Valley, Crysta Cave and Shiver Camp.

    However she adapts to new climates fairly quickly and easily, only ever struggling in Boyle Volcano. Jewel has a snowflake tattoo on her right shoulder, and a tattoo of a white rose surrounded by ribbon tied in a bow at the stem on her lower back. She wears blue eye shadow, black mascara and black eyeliner. She wears light blue lipstick, to help complete her blue wardrobe. The only part that isn’t blue is her uniform, but she makes up for that by wearing a golf-ball sized moon-stone pendant on a silver chain, and blue topaz earrings that Ice gave her last Christmas. When she isn’t on missions, she’s wearing light blue high heels and blue jeans and a blue tee-shirt.

    Other Interesting Information- Jewel and Ice are very, very close to each other. They’re very rarely seen apart when they’re at the Ranger Union HQ. Ice follows Jewel around like a lost Growlithe. Ice wakes up early in the morning and places a white rose on Jewel’s folder before going on his own mission. Lavanna isn’t too thrilled about Jewel and Ice’s relationship, but she came to accept it and gets along with Jewel quite well, asking her fashion advice from time to time.

    Partner- Snowstar, Female Shiny Glaceon.


    When we have at least 3 or 4 people for the students we’ll start and then other people can join as we go along.
    And so, without further a due, let the sign ups………

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