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Originally Posted by miltankRancher View Post
great story which diverted from the traditional o-my-a-pokemon-is-attacking-might-as-well-get-a-pokeball-from-the-briefcase or the don't-go-to-tall-grass-becaus-of-pokemon-i-know-i'll-give-you-one. Just spotted a few minor errors.

And when you found one, it wasn't always going to eagerly accept being under a trainer's care.

Ryukaa then threw his Starter Ball at Impo. (and I'm suggesting you to change "to" to "towards.")

Slowpoke! It was dipping its tail in the water and I caught it.

but I plan to work on that," Rossay said, (I think, that should be a comma, considering it was followed up by "Rossay said.")

Minor errors like I said. Comma usage, apostrophe etc. I like the feel of the story though. It feels familiar 'cause I'm also a Potter fan. here's a good luck to the rest of the story.
Ah, thank you! I'm always having trouble with my grammar, so the help is appreciated.

Originally Posted by Scraggy123 View Post
I really, really, really like this story, keep on writing!
Really? Ahh, thank you! I shall do!
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