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    Welcome to the combined fanclub for the "Evil Teams" of Hoenn. Due to the not-incredibly-successful nature of each team's last campaign, I have decided that melding the clubs into one could be beneficial to the entire thing's success. This convergence will hopefully encourage debate and activity. However, there is an increased risk of arguments, rather than debate, arising from such a group. This means that there will be zero-tolerance of trolling, flaming, bashing, or anything that staff deems approaching such. That is not to say people are not allowed to make a point. It is in fact quite easy to make your point in a way that is not hurting anyone. Choose your words carefully, and everyone will have a good time. This should be the only warning that is necessary. I have faith that the members of PokéCommunity can handle themselves appropriately.

    Right! Now onto the good stuff. When go to make your very first post in this club, I'm going to want to know a few things. First of all, What team are you joining, Aqua or Magma? Once you join a team, you should be loyal to them. You should argue on their side of any debate and reflect their views in anything you say. You can change teams at any time, sure, but it is recommended that you stick with one.
    Once you have chosen a team, you may apply for administrative position within that team. You will perhaps state the reason you desire such a position and why you would be a good choice. The current boss (or if not applicable, I) will review your application and may give you the position. There are three standard administrative positions in a team, two Admins and a Boss. The Boss may add more as he or she desires.
    Now that you've chosen a team, you will want to obtain a partner Pokémon. Your Pokémon will be given to you in its lowest stage of evolution. You may evolve this Pokémon through various means: be promoted, win some kind of event, do something cool, or win your boss's favor. Or you may choose not to evolve it. Whatever the case, you will want to have a Pokémon.
    Here are the Pokémon you may choose from:

    Aqua Partner Pokémon
    Magma Partner Pokémon

    Quick Sign-Up Form For Those Who Don't Care About Me Being Creative And Articulate:

    Partner Pokémon:
    Anything Else:

    It is encouraged- nay, insisted upon- that you also submit actual content with your introductory post. Discussing the topic currently at hand in the thread is a good way to do this.

    Now that you have completed your training, I will finalize your membership into this club by adding you and your partner Pokémon to the exciting list of members!
    ...Okay, it's not really that exciting. But look! You've made it here! Keep active and follow the rules, that's all we ask of you now.

    Team Aqua



    Water Master Roxy
    Yo Face Here

    Team Magma

    Artemus D'Moniz