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    Yeah, I get that feeling sometimes. A lot of people do like adding swearing to their fic with the idea that swearing makes characters more realistic or mature, but it does get annoying at times. However, I wouldn’t say that a character that doesn’t swear would be realistic either. While it does depend on what company you keep, everyone swears these days. Some people may not use words like f**k or damn, but instead censoring themselves by using something harmless like ‘Sugar Cookies’ or simple like ‘Argh’. Either way, the intention behind them is the same.

    As said, a character swearing depends on who they hang out with. Like, people who spent a lot of time on the internet are more likely to pick up swear words from their peers and use them in regular conversation. Similarly, characters who hang out with the good crowd or professional people won’t use those words, or if they do, never in a public situation. While children swearing does make me roll my eyes, it’s very easy for children to come across swear words on the internet and add them to their vocabulary.
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