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    Nickname: "The A.I.(short for artificial intelligence, though people know that she is a natural intelligence)"
    Gender: Female
    Age: 20
    Occupation: Trainer(No rivals at the moment)

    Hometown: Ecruteak
    Home Region: Johto

    -Height: Approximately 160 cm.
    -Hair: (length, color, style)
    - Eye color: Somewhat of a mixture of Hazel and Brown
    -Skin tone: Medium-light
    -Clothing Style: (a few descriptive words here, like wears dark colors often, and so on.)

    Personality: While polite, and well-spoken, her sense of humor completely contradicts this, which catches most off guard, as it is very dark, and in some cases, even very sadistic(luckily enough, despite their different natures, her pokemon are accustomed to it, and sometimes, their sense of humor is very similar to her own, like Kasugami, her Gengar). However, she doesn't seem like such a sadist when in a serious conversation, or anything not involving humor( and genuinely cares for her pokemon); this would enable one looking for a serious conversation to avoid such a scenario. She can face most challenges with solid confidence, and will openly admit something, even if it is embarrassing, though is rather silent often times.

    In a matter of intelligence, she can sometimes outwit an AI, and disable them, usually with a paradox, though that is for a later time. She is rumored for having an intelligence rivaling that of a simple A.I., though said rumor has not been confirmed as of yet(there has been no comparisons between her intelligence and an A.I.).

    She has an interest in pokemon myths, legends, prehistoric times, and sciences. Sometimes, games also catch her interest occasionally.
    December 1st, 19**,

    Well, the field of medicines seemed to have been against me as of now, as I was diagnosed with a minor mental disorder of some sort. Quite frankly, though, I do not feel like anything is horribly wrong. But if treatment is necessary, then it will be taken. If not, then it will not.

    ............I have nothing else to say, really. Perhaps I just prefer to write down important events.....

    March 15th, 19**,

    It's been a week since I was given my first pokemon: an Eevee. I have to admit: the pokemon is quite cute indeed, and as an individual, it seems to be a tad....modest. It's really not too much of a problem though. That's the reason for training: the overcome one's shortcomings, or so I believe. The two of us began exploring the areas outside Ecruteak each day, until we came across a Sudowoodo at route 37, which never really budged.

    How should I describe the areas..............Perhaps the correct terms would be: spacious, lush, green, and quite lively, which large amounts of wild pokemon passing by, and scurrying around in the tall grass. Among them, were others on the large amount of trees.

    June 25th, 19**,

    Ah, that ghastly from the Burnt Tower has proven to be naughtier than I had expected, knocking over some unimportant possessions within my living quarters. However, it's not unbearable, though, it is annoying, to be honest. Kabegami(who is now an Espeon) and I have been keeping close watch of the spherical ghost pokemon, making sure that it does not cause trouble in the future. However, I cannot blame him; most of the ghastly I come across are quite naughty, so it may be natural for this specimen to have a similar behavior.


    Several trainers from foreign regions made their appearances here over the last week. However, they seemed to be pedestrians making their way through the city.

    Not much else occurred today.

    August 4th, 19**,

    Trainers these days seemed to be quite the respectable individuals. I have to admit: interacting with others, and battling is actually not that bad of an experience; it's quite thrilling, actually.

    The foreigner from a region known as Unova, seemingly specializing in dragon pokemon, that arrived at Olivine City, for some reason, gifted me with a pokemon known as a Deino. It was a rather strange event in my life; as it was most certainly one I did not know. I could never understand how such an event occurs - even to a well-known trainer! But.....considering such an event happening to one, it feels like some sort of.....I can't quite describe it.......However, it seems to be a positive feeling.

    January 5th, 20**,

    The way people revive fossils are quite confusing; it seems like simply placing the fossils within the machine seems to revive it into a prehistoric pokemon. How human technology advances so quickly baffles me. However, I received what I had come for, and Archen, and quite frankly, that was the important part; I could simply delve into technology at a later time.

    ...................................I must ask myself to why I had placed this entry in the first place, when I had nothing much to state; perhaps it became a habit over the years......perhaps.....

    March 20th, 20**,

    I'd presume that it has been roughly seven years since I have surpassed the Johto League Champion(AKA Lance) for the first time; those memories remain fresh in my mind, along with all other memories of my journey so far.

    Humans...I do not despise them, yet.......I can't bring myself to even be rivals with others of my own kind; perhaps it is due to that mental disorder diagnosed fifteen years back. Speaking of which, I have never understood the concept of medicine. It still makes me wonder if that is the main cause of how I am now....

    Moving on to a different subject:

    During my travels, I came across some sort of mineral crystal, with seemingly otherworldly properties; while I can easily identify most minerals and substances, this particular one evades my field of expertise. It is almost....spherical, though it is somewhat like an oval as well. A radiant turqoise glow emanates from its core. Bringing it to a specialist, it was somehow related to a pokemon with an unstable genetic code, though it is not even remotely related to the Eevee population. I can't quite understand how such a thing works.....unless.....perhaps.....Could it even be......? No, I must investigate this matter more...



    Nickname: Kasugami(Japanese for "The Faint God")
    Gender: Male
    Type: Ghost/Poison
    Nature: Naughty
    Moveset: Shadow Ball; Toxic; Hypnosis; Dream Eater; Sludge Bomb


    Nickname: Nuregami(Japanese for "Aqueous God")
    Gender: Female
    Type: Water/Ice
    Nature: Relaxed
    Moveset: Rain Dance; Hail; Confuse Ray; Blizzard; Thunder


    Nickname: Kabegami(Japanese for "Wall God", though Espeon does not know any wall-related moves)
    Gender: Female
    Type: Psychic
    Nature: Modest
    Moveset: Shadow Ball; Morning Sun; Psychic; Baton Pass; Calm Mind


    Nickname: Orochi(Self-explanatory. Mythological figure Yamato no Orochi and this pokemon both have more than one head.)
    Gender: Male
    Type: Dark/Dragon
    Nature: Bold
    Moveset: Crunch; Dragon Pulse; Flamethrower; Dark Pulse; Hyper Voice


    Nickname: Yomigami(Japanese for "God of Reincarnation", since it knows Recover)
    Gender: None
    Type: Normal
    Nature: Bold
    Moveset: Recover; Lock-On; Zap Cannon; Ice Beam; Hyper Beam

    6. Metagross

    Nickname: Kyokugami(No idea what this means, but it probably has to do with Japanese Gods and magnetism.)
    Gender: None
    Type: Steel/Psychic
    Nature: Adamant
    Moveset: Magnet Rise; Earthquake; Meteor Mash; Zen Headbutt; Hone Claws

    7. Archeops

    Nickname: Kazegami(Japanese for "Wind God"; it's a flying type. Need I say more?)
    Gender: Male
    Type: Rock/Flying
    Nature: Jolly
    Moveset: Acrobatics; Head Smash; Stone Edge; Earthquake; Dragon Claw


    Nickname: Tachigami(Japanese for "God of Rending", since for some pokemon, outrage would mean rending obstacles in its path, I figured.)
    Gender: Female
    Type: Dragon/Ground
    Nature: Serious
    Moveset: Sandstorm; Double Team; Swords Dance; Earthquake: Outrage

    Simply posting roughly half of my SU, mainly due to my very common cases of writer's block(I have trouble coming up with names and the history of my characters).

    As of now, I have all of my pokemon in my team...............All of the nicknames have been derived from Asian mythology(mainly the Chinese/Vietnamese Zodiac and some Japanese mythology).

    The actual character SU form should be up as soon as possible.....hopefully by 11:00 P.M. tomorrow(Not absolute); I got my history part up(a portion of it, at least), though I put it in the format of [short] journal entries, simply for fun. Hopefully, I can get the rest down by tomorrow; it's 12 A.M. and I am quite sleepy, and my lack of ideas does not help....

    Edit: Ack, the computer my dad lent me has been really unresponsive, and my own computer overheats far too quickly, so it may be a long while before this SU is completed; I apologize for this delay.........Never mind; my computer was just being annoying the other day. I need some ideas...........I'll go browse around for a bit until something/someone gives me an idea...

    Edit#2: Personality=FINISHED!

    Edit#3: Started on appearance today. Might finish today.
    ..........That is true......
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