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what I generally do is give a low level pokemon a lucky egg and go through the elite four, switching them in on pokemon that yield the EVs i want them to have.

DO NOT LEVEL THEM TO 100!! pokemon get the boosts from EVs as they level up, so if you start ev training at 100, you won't see the results, if theoretically you could get all 508 of your evs at level 99, then level up to 100, that would be fine though.

you can use this to go through the elite four if you'd like


Cohagrigus 2 Def
Jellicent 2 Sp.Def
Froslass 2 Speed
Drifblim 2 HP
Goulrk 2 Atk
Chandelure 3 Sp.Atk


Sharpedo 2 Atk
Liepard 2 Speed
Scrafty 1 Def 1 Sp.Def
Drapion 2 Def
Krookodile 3 Atk
Bisharp 2 Atk


Musharna 2 HP
Sigilyph 2 Sp.Atk
Bronzong 1 Def 1 Sp.Def
Reuniclus 3 Sp.Atk
Gothitelle 3 Sp.Def
Metagross 3 Def


Breloom 2 Atk
Sawk 2 Atk
Throh 2 HP
Toxicroak 2 Atk
Mienshao 2 Atk
Conkeldurr 3 Atk


Accelgor 2 Speed
Bouffalant 2 Atk
Druddigon 2 Atk
Vanilluxe 3 Sp.Atk
Escavalier 2 Atk
Volcarona 3 Sp.Atk