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Weaknesses (Blue), Strengths (Red), Neutrals (Green):
ex. Growlithe/Pokabu/Teddiursa/Ponyta + Meowth + Meowth dies = Feline family extinct

Canine= Feline :: Ursus, Insects (in general), Equine (just 1st evo.) :: Everything else
Feline= Mus Musculus, Aves, Ichthyoids, Equine (only for 2nd evos) :: Canine, Swine, Ursus & Equine (this applies to 1st evo.) :: Everything else
Amphibian= Ichthyoids :: Reptile :: Everything else
Reptile= Amphibian, Arachnids :: Aves, Primates :: Everything else
Equine= Canine, Feline (1st evos), :: Ursus, Swine :: Everything else
Mus Musculus= Insects, Arachnids :: Feline, Aves, Reptile :: Everything else
Aves= Ichthyoids, Mus Musculus :: Feline:: Everything else
Primates= Insects, Reptiles :: Arachnids :: Everything else
Ichthyoids= Insects :: Aves, Amphibian, Ursus, Feline :: Everything else
Swine= Equine, Feline :: Ursus :: Everything else
Ursus= Swine, Canine, Feline, Equine :: Ursus :: Everything else
Insects= Canine :: Primates, Ichthyoids, Mus Musculus, Arachnids :: Everything else
Arachnids= Insects, Primates :: Reptile, Mus Musculus :: Everything else

I hope this makes sense and is easy to understand. ^.^;;

Edit: btw, Idk if you guys use hacks (such as BW649 or w/e) as long as they're not fakemon or Tohou-ified mons.
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