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    Chapter 2

    Red stared intently into his new Charmander’s face as they walked the dirt roads of Pallet Town. He couldn’t believe he had his very own Pokemon, right there next to him. The reptilian Pokemon was also in high moods as it walked along repeating its name from time to time. Red looked at Barclay, who had his eyes set in the direction of their destination, Route 1. Then he turned to Blue, whose pace was a little slower than the rest of the group. This was so his Squirtle could keep up with him. Blue and his new Pokemon were staring each other eye to eye.

    “So Professor Oak,” Red spoke up, “which one of us is going to catch Barclay a Pokemon?”

    “I am going to catch the Pokemon for him, which will also be a demonstration for all three of you.”

    Red nodded and the group continued pressing forward. Just then, Red remembered he had to stop by his house for his supplies, and to show Charmander to his mother. He glanced in the direction Route 1 is located, and then in the direction of his house. It wasn’t that far, but stopping might make him lag behind the group. Nevertheless, he stepped forward.

    “Hey guys, I’m going to stop by my house real quick to get my backpack. You guys can go on without me, I won’t be too long.”

    “Alright Red, do as you wish. We won’t start the demonstration without you.” Professor Oak smiled.

    “Thank you, Professor!”

    Red broke away from the rest of the group, and Charmander followed without having to be instructed. The trainer looked down at his Pokemon again.

    “So Charmander, are you ready for an adventure?”

    Charmander repeated its name multiple times, jumping and waving its arms around. Red didn’t need a translator to know what his Pokemon was saying, as its body language was indicating pure excitement. He was overjoyed to see that his first Pokemon was a friendly one, although he would have been happy to have one either way. Red held his hand up and pointed to his house once they reached the end of the road it’s is located on.

    “That’s my house, Charmander.”

    Much to Red’s surprise, Charmander jolted to his house. The reptilian Pokemon was pretty fast for being a starter Pokemon, It's trainer could barely keep up. Charmander stopped and gave Red an ever so innocent smile as he approached the front door. He replied with a laugh for his Pokemon’s antics as he opened the door to his front house, then his mother gleamed when he entered the house with a Pokemon, immediately rising from her comfy chair. She put down the book she was reading as well as her reading glasses. She then approached her son with backpack in hand.

    “So I see you chose Charmander!”

    She knelt down on one knee and made eye contact with the Pokemon. She pet its head with her free hand, “Hello, my name is Scarlet, I’m Red’s mother!”

    Charmander jumped up and down in place when Scarlet introduced herself. It’s eyes gleamed up to her as she rose to have a word with her son. She couldn’t help but to smile when she noticed Charmander’s glistening gaze.

    “You made a good choice Red, he’s soo cute!” She emphasized the last two words in her sentence.

    “Actually, I made the only choice,” Red paused to look down at Charmander and then up to his mother who had a confused look on her face, “one of the Pokemon got stolen, Bulbasaur. Squirtle and Charmander were the only choices left.”

    “So how did the three of you decide how to choose?”

    “Well, Bulbasaur was the only Pokemon my friend Barclay wanted, to he didn’t even choose a Pokemon. Blue chose Squirtle, and that left me with Charmander.” Red pet the top of his Pokemon’s head.

    “That’s so horrible,” she gasped, “so he’s not going out on his journey?”

    “Actually he is.” Red smiled, “Professor Oak, Blue, Barclay and I are all going out to Route 1 to watch Oak catch a Pokemon for him.”

    “Ah, how brilliant! So Barclay gets a Pokemon and you all learn how to catch a Pokemon. That’s really hitting two Pidgey with one stone!”

    Scarlet took one more look at the smiling Charmander before continuing, “Well then, I probably shouldn’t keep you here any longer. I’ve packed everything you’ll need on your journey. I’ll walk you two out.” she handed Red his yellow backpack as she escorted the trainer and his Pokemon out of the house.

    Red looked in the direction Route 1 is before looking back at his mom. She held her hands together as a sad look overtook her eyes. She knew her son was really setting out for his journey now, packed and ready to go. The two approached each other and hugged.

    “I’m going to miss you son, be careful out there,” she placed her hand on the top of his hair and kissed his forehead, “and good luck.”

    Charmander watched curiously as the smiling Scarlet and her son exited the extended, warm embrace. Red then looked up to her, “Thank you, mom.” he smiled and nodded.

    “Well, I guess I’ll see you another time. Come back and visit sometimes, please?” She placed her hand on his shoulder.

    “I will mom, for sure. I love you mom.”

    “I love you too, son.”

    Scarlet and her son shared one more hug before she retreated back to her house. Red and Charmander then continued their journey to Route 1. The trainer sped up his pace, and his Pokemon followed. Red then decided to take his backpack off to look through what supplies his mother included that he missed. Everything she packed was in the main pocket, which included a long rope, three water bottles, a flashlight, extra batteries, matches, a pocket knife, and a rolled up sleeping bag. He put the knife in his back pocket before slipping the backpack on.

    It wasn’t too long before Red and Charmander reached the exit of town and the entrance to Route 1. The two walked through a stretch of tall grass that eventually became the main path of the route. Red and his Pokemon continued down the main path, looking every which direction for Professor Oak, Blue and Barclay. It was hard to tell which direction they went, there were trees everywhere. Red figured that they probably didn’t stay on the main path, he hadn’t seen any Pokemon yet. He ventured off the path and into the trees, hoping he didn’t make the wrong move.

    Professor Oak, his grandson, and Barclay were in fact off of the main path. The light from the sun peeked through any gaps in the trees that shaded their area. The two new trainers were surveying trees and bushes, turning their head with each rustle of a bush or snap of a twig.

    “Professor, where are you taking us?” Barclay rushed to Oak’s side.

    “I am taking you to the place where I caught my very first Pokemon. I figured that would be an appropriate spot. We’re almost there.”

    Blue and Squirtle caught up with the rest of the group when Professor Oak mentioned their destination. The sound of a racing river met their ears as they got closer and closer to the spot. They were there before they knew it. Before them was a large pond that stems off a part of the river running along Route 1. Professor Oak closed his eyes and remembered what catching his first Pokemon was like. This was a truly reminiscent day for him. He opened his eyes to look at the river when he heard a splash. He only saw the tail of a fish Pokemon submerging into the water.

    “So where are the Pokemon?” Barclay asked.

    “Just wait a minute, I’m sure one will appear.”

    A few minutes passed, and a few Poliwag began to emerge from the pond. Three small, blue, circular Pokemon exited the water. None of them had arms, but they all had a similar black spiral pattern on their white stomachs and all had pink mouths. They began chasing each other on their clearly underdeveloped legs, needless to say they weren’t very fast. They appeared to be enjoying themselves as they all exclaimed their names, laughing.

    “Professor Oak, are any of those the Pokemon you were planning on capturing for me?” Barclay asked.

    “Yes, but let’s hold our positions for just a few more minutes. Red isn’t here yet, and I don’t want him missing out on this valuable learning experience.”

    “Oh, why do we have to wait for him?” Blue crossed his arms, “I mean, we shouldn’t have to wait on him.” he leaned against a tree.

    “Be patient Blue,” Professor Oak turned to his grandson, “Patience is the key to being a good Pokemon trainer, don’t forget that.”

    Red walked with his hands on his hips as both he and his Charmander’s heads were turning every way to look for the Professor and the group, but to no avail.

    <Man, they’ve probably already caught a Pokemon by now..> Red thought as he looked down to the ground and crossed his arms.

    “Charmander, you wanna turn back?” Red knelt down to ask his Pokemon.

    “Char, Char..”

    The Pokemon’s reply appeared to be in agreement with a nod, but then his eyes lit up at the sound of a splash. Charmander frantically jumped and pointed in the direction he heard the splash and jolted. Red lagged behind, barely able to keep up with the speedy fire Pokemon.

    “Hey, get back here!”

    Red demanded, but Charmander didn’t listen. They both came to a stop when the river, a pond, and Pokemon came into their view. Red’s eyes lit up when he saw the Poliwag playing so peacefully. Professor Oak and the other two boys came into view when he turned his head. He and Charmander rushed in their direction.

    “Hey guys, here I am!” Red waved his arm.

    “It’s about time.” Blue scoffed.

    “Now we may begin. Right this way.”

    Professor Oak signaled the boys to follow him as they slowly crept closer and closer to the oblivious Poliwag. Professor Oak grabbed a miniature sized Poke Ball out of his coat pocket, which turned to normal size when he pressed the center button. He turned back to all three boys, “Are you ready?”

    All three boys nodded.

    “Then here we go! Pidgeotto, I choose you!”

    Professor Oak threw the Poke Ball in front of him, and a bright flash of energy emerged and materialized. The Pokemon that came out of the ball was a large, brown bird. The talons on its feet were razor sharp, and its large beak was just as intimidating. Pidgeotto spread its large wings out and confidently exclaimed its name. Two of the three Poliwag took note of this and retreated to the pond. Only one remained standing with a curious look in its gazing eyes.

    “Here we go! Pidgeotto, use a Tackle attack!” Professor Oak pointed at Poliwag.

    The three boys stood in amazement as Professor Oak commanded his Pokemon. Pidgeotto gracefully accepted his commands as it pushed itself into the air and glided towards its opponent. Poliwag had a terrified look in its eyes, but it knew the drill. It retaliated by deeply inhaling and releasing many bubbles from its mouth upon exhalation. Pidgeotto was flying too fast and made a crash landing after the attack made contact. Poliwag charged Pidgeotto and attempted to slap the bird Pokemon with its transparent tail.

    “Pidgeotto, dodge and use Sand Attack!” He clenched his fist.

    Pidgeotto was no longer in its airborne domain, so it wasn’t easy for it to thrust itself backwards to dodge Poliwag’s DoubleSlap attack. The bird Pokemon grasped a small window of opportunity and quickly flapped its wings, which kicked dirt up into the air and blocked Poliwag’s view of Pidgeotto. The dirt lingered in the air.

    Professor Oak turned to the children for a brief moment, “Remember trainers, strategy is the key to winning a Pokemon battle.” he turned back to his Pokemon, “Pidgeotto, use another Tackle attack!”

    Pidgeotto pushed itself up in the air again to where it had a clear view of Poliwag. It then proceeded to swoop down and ram its body into Poliwag, head first. Poliwag got back up, but it was still caught in the storm of dust that lingered in the air from Pidgeotto’s Sand Attack. It released many more bubbles from its mouth in hopes of hitting Pidgeotto, but to no avail.

    “Use a Gust Attack!”

    Pidgeotto began flapping its wings at a very high speed. This created strong gusts of wind that blew away the dirt from Sand Attack. Poliwag attempted to hold its ground, but the sheer force of the wind knocked it on its back. It glared at Pidgeotto as it got back up and released another massive array of bubbles from its mouth. The bird Pokemon dodged with ease as it calmly maneuvered through the air. Poliwag began to pant.

    “Alright, this is it, pay close attention!” Professor Oak exclaimed, “Pidgeotto, use Quick Attack!”

    Pidgeotto dived towards Poliwag and descended an incredible speed. The water Pokemon attempted another Bubble attack, but if failed to fire before the bird Pokemon completed its attack. Pidgeotto hit, and it hit hard. Pidgeotto returned to Professor Oak’s side as Poliwag struggled to get back up.

    Red, Barclay, and Blue’s mouths were open with amazement as Professor Oak grabbed an empty Poke Ball from his pocket and pressed the center button. It was like poetry in motion when he threw the empty containment device towards the weakened Poliwag. The ball hit the Pokemon and it converted into a bright energy form that got vacuumed into the device. Everyone in the group fell silent in this never ending moment as the Poke Ball shook back and forth on the ground emitting a beeping sound.

    Credit for the theme goes to Hybrid Trainer

    anyways, check out my fanfic, Legends of Kanto
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