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    Originally Posted by ZeroArmada View Post
    Thanks for the input from both of you, I appreciate it. I'll definitely look into migrating over to B/W tiles.

    Looking back at Black and White there were a lot of Photoshop elements that they put into their game when they designed the interface for it. You still see a lot of the elements done in pixel art, but there are subtle hints at gradients and such. My approach to the GUI in Amaranth is different from the norm, but I think it will be one factors of my game that will set itself apart from the rest.

    That said, I'll make sure to satisfy everyone and add an option for a pixel-style and non-pixel style GUI. :3
    Yes, black and white do have more photoshop-styled graphics than previous generations but they are quite subtle. I think a lot of your menus and interfaces actually do this really well. The ones that stand out as being too photoshopped are actually the ones in the top-half of the battle screens: the background for the textbox is way too much of a gradient & the battle-grounds which the pokemon stand on are a little too gradient-like as well.

    Glad to hear you're going to look at updating your tilesets, I think it would really help your project & make the screenies more impressive and attractive.
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