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    "you should use BW style because GBA SUX and ADD MEW UNDER TRUCK BECAUSE ITS EPIC and ADD new things because JUST revamping red isnt good enough because firered was L33T and BW are better!"

    stfu you freaking noobs. im sick and tired of these GD idiots that think that graphics make a game.

    plain and simple, this thread is a REVAMP game. not A FIRERED CLONE, not a BLACK AND WHITE VERSION OF RED.... it is made for one thing, and one thing only. to REVAMP RED AND BLUE.

    firered is not a direct remake of red. it was BASED on red, but it had MANY things added on, which differ from the original.

    in other words, he wants everything EXACTLY like in the ORIGINAL red version, but with newer HAND REVAMPED graphics, not ones stolen from black. he doesnt want firered, he wants RED.


    1. stop telling him to use black. that is 100% directly against the hacks purpose
    2. stop asking him to add new things. seriously, this is a revamp...
    3. stop telling him this is firered. this is not firered, it is red. they are DIFFERENT
    4. stop being noobs. its annoying.

    mustafa, i 100% support your hack. please dont let the children discourage your work, the appreciation of the originals are few and far between, and you must not let others awe over graphics deter you.
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