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Originally Posted by Nintendork15 View Post
Your flying idea is a good one.
And idea i actually thought of when I was a kid. :l
Great minds thing alike.
Although it will take alot of work (mainly ASM) to do so.
I know. Thanks.

Originally Posted by Fireworks View Post
Uhh...what? So nobody else can use this idea because you said? I had this idea ages ago (but decided against it), does that mean you can't use it?

Why would anyone put a signpost where nobody can read the front of it?

Uhh...probably best you went back to the old backgrounds, this looks really bad.

And if you do change the battle backgrounds, change all of them.

Story doesn't say much so I can't really comment on that.
Same about the features.

Looks decent, just fix up all of the above.
I mean don't copy my exact ideas. And please don't say:
Originally Posted by Fireworks View Post
Looks decent, just fix up all of the above.
You can make suggestions, but please don't tell me what to do.
This is my hack.

Originally Posted by Cricco View Post
Looks promising although it would be better to insert the tileset different from those based
I have inserted some new tiles, I'm doing FR/LG style.