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Wesley FG
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  • I'm still new in this rom hack scene, I have question what is the difference of Pokémon light platinum and pokemon light platinum plus?
    Hi Wesley! I've been wanting to use some of your tiles from Light Platinum in my own game. Is this okay? I'll be sure to credit you ^.^
    Hello bro.. nice rom hack you have made..
    I need some help. I cannot find lanette.. can you help me? I cannot bare seeing "someone's pc" anymore...
    which one is your latest ROM hack? I have been playing Light platinum final GBA Hack but are you working on a new project? its what I heard. What is the project?
    Hi WesleyFG. I have a bug in pokemon light platinum and i would like to know if there is some way to solve it without having to restar. I talked to the gym trainer in the top of the lighthouse (its not exatly a light house but is where Lucas is) in seanporte City, but it doesnt appear in the gym. Thanks for your time
    Hey Wesley, I know I'm late to the conversation. I love the light platinum game and noticed a few bugs and glitches, just found the light platinum plus game and I have a few questions about it if you get the chance. Thank you
    hello,WesleyFG。I like the tileset in the Light Platinum,and I want to ask that can I use these tileset in my hacker?IF i
    can use ,i will give my heartful creits
    Symphogear XD Unlimited

    I've never played it because it eats money, but I like the anime :o
    Hello Wesley. I am doing a hack rom and i am love the tileset in Light Platium. I want to use them in my Fire Red Rom Hack. Can you make a Tileset Patch for Fire Red v1.0? I will give the credit. Thank for reading this.
    Por lo menos deje mostrarle algo para que vea que el juego podría pintar bien, además de que se podrían corregir una gran cantidad de bugs que tiene el rom original, mejorando tanto la experiencia como al jugabilidad ya que ruby es un rom que no permite aumentar la dificultad y aunque los pokemon lleguen a nivel 100 es muy sencillo pasarlo, solo de una oportunidad de mostrar algo bueno.
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