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    Made with RPG Maker XP and Pokemon Essentials 2010.
    (not really sure if this belongs here in the beginner's showcase, but i guess..)
    So, I'd been feeling that urge to make a Pokemon Fan-Game again, and this time, i was gonna do it foh real!
    I came up with the name, DuskShadow, and Giratina as the main Pokemon, in remembrance my first serious fan-game,
    Pokemon Vortex. I had that feeling, and other developers know this feeling, that it was gonna be big. You don't know for
    sure, but you just, know it. But anyways, I started development on it right away, gathered resources, the whole chubang.
    Eventually, i realized that i wanted this to be a solo project. That's right, Pokemon DuskShadow is a fan-game that has no
    team, not even testers, and is gonna finish for sure!

    Welcome to the world of Pokemon!
    You're currently an immigrant from Johto, but have been living here for a couple of years. You live in the small town of Telemoth Town, and it's your birthday today. You decide to visit Professor Oak, the immigrant Pokemon Professor from Kanto. After defeating the Pokemon league, you plan to take over your town's gym.
    But little does anyone know that a secret, underground force is at work in the islands of Denvlair and Arvenez.
    Can you pass the Denvlair Pokemon League and become Champion of the Denvlair Islands? Probably! ^v^

    yeah, i saw you skip down here.
    WARNING! May contain vile material AWESOMENESS!


    Poccil - Pokemon Essentials
    4th Gen. Matt's resource kit - .. who do you think?
    Credits from his kit:
    Nintendo - For making all of the sprites, music, etc.
    RM2K3Kid - For ripping the D/P Overworld Sprites.
    Aeonos and Mastermind_X - For ripping the Platinum and Arceus sprites.

    Nintendo & Game Freak - Pokemon
    Kyledove/Kymotonian - Tiles
    DonLawride - Bethment Forest
    PokeRemixStudio.Floatzel - Music
    VG Music - Music

    SUPPORT US!!! c:
    Official Blog ::

    Official Website ::
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